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Any SQUASH courts around?

a. Can anyone suggest few squash courts around.

 b. Any squash player to join? I'm a mid-level player.

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I am also a mid level squash

I am also a mid level squash player. come to shenzhen after a month for 10 days. so i want to be in touch with squash. Please guide me where to play? i usually live at hua qiang bei near seige. 

Hi guys,  Shenzhen Squash

Hi guys, 

Shenzhen Squash Ladder is now up and running:

Go and sign up to find regular opponents.


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Hey All, Moving to Shenzhen

Hey All,

Moving to Shenzhen in August and looking for some squash buddies..

im not pro, but im also not a beginner, have been playing for a couple of years on/off already.. hope to catch some games while im there!



Send me a msg, we can go for

Send me a msg, we can go for a game in Shekou.

Hello !I am also looking for

Hello !
I am also looking for squash court and someone to play, I am living in Shekou but I can move if necessary, 
I will be very interested to play with you (Also mid level player)

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