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Spinning Classes ?

I am moving from hong kong to Shekou very soon.
I am a member of California fitness here and
would like to know if there is a fitness facility
in or around Shekou that provides Spinning classes.

Right now it takes me around 15 minutes to get to
the Gym. Another option I have is to set up a spin
room in my home. Anyone know wear to shop for a
Spinning bike ?

Any info would be helpfull...

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If you need help, I live

If you need help, I live right down the street from IKEA, Metro, Decathlon. Wouldn't mind going there soon. I need to buy some cream cheese from Metro and a few other things. :)

Dunno about pricewise but

Dunno about pricewise but they might have some stuff at Decathlon. It is located next to IKEA. If you look around the site, there is a post about IKEA opening and there is an exact address. If you find IKEA you'll find Decathlon. Also, you can look in Metro that might has some exercise equipment. I know I saw a few treadmills there.

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