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silly girls

jesus , i cant believe why all the girls post those Ad here fr finding
bf or true love , are you out of ur mind or what ? do u think u can
find true live from internet?u cant even find true love in real life ,
 then how u can find true love from internet?if all you girls wanna
find true love , i think the good way is try to be an  better girl or
more smart ,once u r an honest ,loyalful ,smart girls , all the guys
will come to u,then u dont need seeking true love from internet,this
world have not true love from internet , it not gonna happen.all we
can do its makes us to be an better person.cuz this world have so
many stupid guys an girls ,so once we can be better than them ,then
we can be more special and girls or guys will come to us .so be SMART.then u will fine one .

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That's a great topic, i think

That's a great topic, i think very less forums would have talked about this specific topic, my expression is same as others that every single person has got their own ideas and way of life and living, as far as i think that Internet is the fastest way to find some one and know him better before meeting him face to face, it saves time, and just suitable/compatible tool for such fast life in this world.

if u make it clear to a

if u make it clear to a women that she will never get a penny from your pocket, that you will never merry her legally, but that you will stay with her forever,care her, be loyal to her, and she accept, it means you found true love!

Nice one

Nice one Corbo,congratulations!

You are chosen to be the "Poet of The Month" Lol!

..KIDDING!!! I like your spontaneity though. =)

Always the same confusion

Always the same confusion between love and the "waiting for Prince Charming" dream of phallocratic societies.
If you think they are the same, then no matter where you look for, internet or elsewhere, you are in for a disappointment: Love exists, but the Prince does not.

And love hardly starts with a contract. It does often end with one, though.
And everybody is honest, respectful, caring, reliable, [put your favorite quality here]...
And you have to actually meet the selected person(s) one day (if that's what "real life" means). You've got pheromones too.
And internet may be new(ish), but ads are not. They are even older than written press.
And love is so rich and complex, and its protagonists so different although they look the same, that no rules apply to it.

These were just a few instant comments in no particular order.

Found it and is being

Found it and is being removed as we speak

[Wowzers Batman]

Sorry I mean was it in

Sorry I mean was it in classifieds? or on the forum? if the forum was it in Shenzhen Talk?

possible pass me a link, and ill see why it was approved and remove if it is in appropriate.

[Wowzers Batman]

which section is that thread

which section is that thread in?

[Wowzers Batman]

To Emily, What you said

To Emily,

What you said could be true, but do not apply to everyone.

Maybe some people are simply shy to make friends outside that's why they use the internet. But i as you may know already, even meeting people personally doesn't guarantee that he/she is not interested with money or passport.
These things happen everywhere- not only in China.

* * * *

I saw the "Im back in China" ad, and I find it very insane. Ads like that could leave bad impressions on some foreigners towards how they look at Chinese women. If only I have the authority, I would have it removed.

all ur guys have u ideas

all ur guys have u ideas here , and the things , yeah , its 21th century now , and internet its pretty important . but how many people they do use it for something good ? and how many guys they only want find some pussies from inetrnet , we all knows .yeah there have a some people they JUST want to make friends .but how many of them are really do ?
anyway , shenzhen its pretty hard to find a good gf which dont want ur money ,passport ,loyalful ,trustful and not bad looking ,good personality here ? we all know the answers .

man , u r wrong , i agree

man , u r wrong , i agree with those things u said . but im sure there have nice girls too . u just need to find a right one , not those girls which u met in the night clubs.those girls at the night culbs most of them are sucks. they just looking for money and other things which are good for them . thats all . but however , im sure u can meet someone which are nice and bot looking for ur money and passport .good luck

wow , thx for ur comment .

wow , thx for ur comment .

have nice day


I have to ask!! Hey Rimshot

I have to ask!!
Hey Rimshot and the group, I just have to ask about this. I am not very "hip" about things, but am curious. Go look at the Girl Looking for Boy personall ad titled "Am back in Shenzhen". Is this what I think it is? HAHA :)

Why is she having so much fun! :)
Is this a silly girl or something else :))
HAHA, Life in the Middle Kingdom is never dull!!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Whether we meet people thru

Whether we meet people thru the internet or not, same thing happens to all of us who are truly in-love. WE BECOME NAIVE!

Silly people are those who lack emotional intelligence. They believe they can find meaningful relationships in a rush -as if love is like a value meal that you can buy over the counter of a fastfood restaurant- LOL! Happiness is not a box of McDonald's Happy Meal, you know! Haha!

But let's face it. We simply take advantage of our technology today that's why we opt for the internet to meet people.
The fact that it's a rat race to live in the city where people dont have enough time to get acquainted with each other personally- which has caused so much frustrations to some of us here- we might as well think like rats!

Be smart- that is! *wink*

Edit: I hope those people who want to find partners thru e-dating should learn some basic techniques how to present themselves to potential partners effectively.
I must admit that I often browse Yahoo! personals to get those valuable tips -It worked for me! Haha!



what a question.who said

what a question.who said there's no ture love in the internet? who told there's ture love in the real world? and who make the internetwork? who make the real world?
we,we ,people.cats and rats.

yes ! i do know that is the

yes ! i do know that is the culture differences.But we are the host in china, we should respect each other's culture.yeah??

dont be... its the same all

dont be...
its the same all around the world... in my country its a word... ALL THE PRETY GIRL ARE ALLREADY TAKEN, AND THE BOYS WITH MONEY ITS HARD TO FIND... :)))

maybe as, the foreigner, will comme here in china, whit a bad ideea about this people... there are the major diferences betwen aours culture... dont forghet that...

i think it is hard to find

i think it is hard to find true love on internet unless you meet them in real life .
i still believe in true love!

Stupid or not...silly or

Stupid or not...silly or not....that's love...if you really feel it deep inside. Search your heart......
i always believe in true love. i would keep believeing!!!
do you think foreigners are dependable? sometimes i feel they r little stupid like a jerk which made me feel they r not so dependable. ......
what ever ture love or not , find the one maches you best is the key. should know him/her very well of course.
Be caucious to making friends ,we are girls ..we dont have capital to play around love. for me at least, i wont to play .


yes!! just do what is right

yes!! just do what is right you think..
anyway , i always seeking for true love and Friends as well!!
i do believe i can make it!!


no..things is not what you

no..things is not what you thought.
i still believe in true love! trust me...
there still have true love!
but i need to tell you if you met the right one you can find in shenzhen.not all chinese parents are rich. if you find one that they r not so rich caturally. so they would rather let you stay in china and live here.cuz they dont want their honey so far away . or to your country?? otherwise you do believe that she is your truelove . you want to do anything for her .That's it!! then you can go to your country and have a nice life together! Dont get despared. cheer up!!! if you want find a Gf, you had better be friends together 1st. trust me.. then you can have a long time to know if she is or not!!!

Jia you !!!

i am sasa, glad to meet you .

johnny yeung Hi,

johnny yeung

Hi, Mr.Nada,
Welcome to China. Since you are 1st time to
China and will stay in Shenzhen for 3 months.
I guess your are for business purpose.
I am from Hong Kong and have been working in
Shenzhen as from 1984. Should you need any
help which I am able to do, you are welcome
to contact me.
Best regards,

hi guy's i really

hi guy's i really appriciate all your comments here in this site and verry interesting.
i do agree that some people but NOT ALL.. that they are looking for family background, how much is the money they have in the account, thats is all stupid and thats only a material things and we dont know until it when right. so you mus't follow your heartbeat what they say.. if you love someone w/ or w/out you still love him no one can stop. heheheh.
i really thanks this site i found my true love and im getting married soon and i am a filipina . i do believe there are so many nice guy's and girls here.
so guy's just wait for the right time you can find your real true love and you will be the happiest people around the world .

thanks and more power have a good day

its me bea

98 % of the girls posting

98 % of the girls posting for BF's , serious relationships , marriage etc .. are totally confused and about what love is all about.
Here are some pointers for you females ( and males too )
1) Respect
2) Don't try to change the other person to be someone else
3) Care works both ways
4) Be Open don't do the Chinese way trying to save face
5) Communicate as there are cultural differences

love is dead,sometimes you

love is dead,sometimes you can say,love is alive,if your soulgarden is going well.everything depends on your mind and your experence,but please believe love,something wrong doesn't come from love,it comes from mind of each person,every person is different.

wow~~~ so many comments here


so many comments here ,eh~~,in my opinion ,there are many kinds of people in this world ,no matter on net or in the real world.Trust or not ,just depends on yourself ,if you trust ,maybe you got it.If not,surely will be no chance.

I met a Irish boy a year ago here,and I tursted he had feelings on me(of course we met in real after times chat).However,we 're not together,maybe I 'm too stupid in Love affair,too awkward to express my feelings (as a chinese girl,really hard for the begining).Sincerely speaking ,I regretted my stupid way of thinking which force him stand far away from me.But It did really make me learn how to care and love a one now,anyway,we 're still friend.(even just a kind of very so so one).

Maybe I 'm also one of the silly girls.


internet just like our real

internet just like our real socity but it is not as big as the real can find what you want in your real life and also internet.Internet just a tool to communicate and make more possibility to find friend beyond your daily life.ture or not,should be depend the comminucate and happening after in real life .so it is not that bad to make friends or try to find ture life on net.

i am a gree with u,i have

i am a gree with u,i have many friends,and most them from internet, my best friends from internet too.i think internet like real life,nothing different.just idear maybe diffeirent!

why not ? a lot of my

why not ? a lot of my friends find love over internet ! don't be so sad .there is always some one waiting for you .maybe he(she) is in somewhere to catch you over internet .

I believe true love ,but you have to wait for that .true love don't come so easy .haha

Thanks for your comment.It's

Thanks for your comment.It's a pleasure thing to makes friends with cool and nice foreigner.But no jerks.For me,i also have some foreign friends,they are very nice,cool,kind-hearted and humor.
Here,i'd like to make friends with you and share sadness and happyness with each other,exchage culture and learn language from each other.Cheers.
MSN:[email protected]
Best regards.

I belive till now you didnt

I belive till now you didnt fine an bf on the internet, please for heaven sake dont hide the truth, and good income woman like you, as no time, in the first place, and by burning midnight oil u seach for an man and put your demands there, yes you are right u dont need his money but you dont want his income less then you then i think u date and atm marchine better as its stay there open 24 hours 365 days rain or shine its wait for you there even u stay single all your life, hi lady i dont know you, what going to happen next you and me wont know but one thing for sure the day u find him, only god know the truth
good luck

tommy well , love and care


well , love and care is a human desire .. noone can stop drinking or eating ,.. i consider talking about finding love through some communication tools is silly somehow .. coz things is totaly related to heart and feelings .. i got a net friend (italian) and we know each other for almost a year last month she came visit me in shenzhen and we are in process to marry ...

so guys pls pls pls look at your real need tools are just a way jst be honest to yourself :)

helenlu... it's common for

helenlu... it's common for an average guy to hook girls via language teaching... if u think he is lame...just tell him to leave u alone...

there are lots nice and cool guys out there... don't be fooled with some jerks..

he he ! funny ! come one

he he ! funny ! come one wake up ! in this world not have true love ! work hard and enjoy with some crazy friend ,ur life will be funny ,ok! am working ,see ya !

good point...and by the way,

good point...and by the way, perpect English there:)

Have a good day:)

I met a foreigner who wanno

I met a foreigner who wanno learning chinese from me.We haven't seen each other until now.But to my surprise,he asked me to kiss him everytime when i talked to him and asked me to hold him tightly.I don't know whether he want to learn chinese or have fun??Since i am unwilling to kiss him even on the net.He made me feel upset and daren't to teach him personally..does he normal?Unnormal??!!!

For me,it's a bad experience.

whether internet or real

whether internet or real life,follow my fate


very funny..................................
the right time meet the wrong person
the wrong time meet the right person
no person if you don't spend time on it
but how?where?when?depend on smart you!
you never know until you try....haha

While reading everyone's

While reading everyone's views on finding true love, i just can't help but smile despite myself. Just recently, i fell inlove with a guy i have met on the net. Distance did not deter us from expressing what we felt then. We talked everyday like time was running out...yes, we were so inlove..i felt that. Or so i thought. Then he was the sun falling out of the clear blue sky. He just left me there hanging, like a stupid fool dazed about what's going a lost child, feeling so alone and confused. The pain was real. I was emotionally devastated and all along, i've been fighting the demons inside me...anger and hatred was slowly gripping my heart. But then again i realized love is not just about bitterness and lies. I believed because i trusted...i loved because i have a free heart...and i was hurt because my heart is true. That's all there is to it. Stupid or not....silly or not....that's love...if you really feel it deep inside. Search your heart......

lol~~~~~~~~~~ funny


funny topic
actually , to me , it's kind of personal choice :) I'm always straight

And , I was born in Shanghai ( Chinese ), but now , I'm in Shenzhen because of my cyber GF ( Chinese ). I reached the city the 1st time about 1 year ago . Splendid experience .

How do you think of our love ? I meant the cyber one .
Take it easy ~~~~~~~~~ :)

hum,a variety of love be

hum,a variety of love be occured by internet really not true love.but true love also alive on internet,even i found true love here,he is my brother's customer,from England,we have known each other for more than half an a year,we build up our relationship on the internet,from never know each other to fall in love,we r strong now!and i think if u find your the internet,then u will feel u more stronger than the lovers who met in the real life!!that's my opinion.

Yes !!! They are out of mind

Yes !!!
They are out of mind !!

Ahh, the never ending quest

Ahh, the never ending quest to find that one person that will complete your life. Time will take everyone to where and whom they need to find. Just keep your eyes open and it will eventually come. Perfection can never be rushed :)

As for the Internet, it acts as a new age communication tool :)

Best Regards,

John CM Lee

Totally agreed with your

Totally agreed with your comment. What I can say is the way you present yourself online matters to find or meet people. Some of the Ads here are very funny, some are bad and some are good. In today's technology, the interenet is the easiest way to know about people personality before having a hard time in person meetings.

You r right. But that's

You r right.
But that's silly girls' choices.
That's none of your business.

Hello to all, I will visit

Hello to all,

I will visit shenzhen in 15 oct 2007 for 3 months and this will be first time to visit china, I don't know anybody there and looking to find english speaking friends.

I'm 45 years old, male, Egyptian living and own company in Dubai.

Hope to hear from your side soon

Regards to all

Hani Nada

true love

if you think there is no true love than thats not true love for you?
if you really love some one from heart than no person see and check yours background and passport so dont be hurt best of luck for future
best wishes from aili northland shenzhen

love is true but if you really know it

in shenzhen no any girl love any person just look on pocket than feel intrest on them and also depend on passport if person from poor country they never talk to him but if rich country you know well no need to explain for genious mind peoples.
shenzhen is best place for living but should carefull from stupid persons and shenzhen party is best for search yours true love and internet is the 21th century best finder of true love dont be say by internet cant find love? ok
best of luck to all guyz.
xiao aili
shenzhen party

I find all the comments here

I find all the comments here interesting. All have made their points. My View? Well no one knows whether a relationship can be successful or is it the right true love. (What is true love? that will depends on your agenda for finding the Mr/Ms Right) Since the outcome is unknown then why not have a better strike rate and let probability do the rest.
May all of you find your True Love soon.

I am not really sure if

I am not really sure if there is any true love here in Shenzhen. Nowadays every relation is based in mutual benefit and interest. 

Dont say there is no true

Dont say there is no true love in internet. Just u didn't find it. I am one of the girl wanna find true love, i just use internet to get more chance to make more friend, u are an adult, u can chose what u want, if he is a bad man, or just wanna sex, u can stop get touch with him, i believe one day, i will find my Mr Right.

If u are a girl, u dont want ur bf can bring u a confortable life? U want thinking about money everyday? If u have a daughter, u will not worry about she marry with a poor man? Every one want a good life. If she marry u because ur money or passport that's bad. But every girl care about the man can or not bring a good life to her, i care, because i have a good income, i dont wanna my bf's income less that me. Dont complain that u cant find true love, every one can find his or her Mr right. Good lucky! Trust it and u can find it.

Agree with Laughing Tiger,

Agree with Laughing Tiger, and everyone is busy with the work and has not much spare time, which make them contact with the same people everyday. Internet isn't the only way, but it's one of the way. True love or not, it depends.


In Shenzhen, there is no

In Shenzhen, there is no true love. Love depends on the size of your wallet, your passport, background. This is love here.

The internet relfects life

The internet relfects life in general.  Not more not less.  The internet has become "real life" to most of the world. AND like the real world caution rules the day in new relationships. ME, I have met, and made friends with some very nice people both men and women, from all over the world. This is for both personal and business reasons.   Relationships that may of never occured or take much longer, have materized rather quickly on the web.  Emily Hsu has a point that self-improvement and self-confidance attract a higher quality person into your life.  Additional, point if someone appears desperate or depressed they attact the like persons both on the "net" and in real life. So the two go hand-in-hand. 

I do disagree with Emily Hsu using the term "All" or "None"  in regards to to  meeting quality people on the internet. It is judgemental and sounds a bit elitist.  My own experience has proven different.  But Emily Hsu is a very intellegent person.

All-in-all, one should be realistic, cautious, and prudent. BUT still I thing the web is not the only way, but a good way to meet people


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