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Shipping out of Shenzhen, small quantities

Hi everyone, I'm returning home from Shenzhen in a couple of weeks and I have several things I need to ship home. However, since I'm sending to the US, I don't want to use the mail because it will cost a small fortune (I have 2 pieces of furniture I need to send) and everything will arrive late and severely broken. So my question is, has anyone dealt with this before? I need a company that will ship "loose cargo" to a port in the US for a reasonable price. I can't fill a container and I don't want to use the mail. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi Apple,

I am interested in sending some things to the my hometown in the U.S., but find that the prices are quite expensive. What rates does your company offer for shipping? How much does it cost to ship, say, 100lbs of goods?


Find a good forwarding

Find a good forwarding agent,they could help you.But please check 2 or 3,to compare price,and confirm details,and buy insurrance...

Hope good luck to you!

by the way . my email is  

by the way . my email is   [email protected]  ,if you need , i could give you quote about shipping or air freight from China.

im Apple from a Shipping

im Apple from a Shipping Agency in SHENZHEN,i think i could help you.  frist packing in order avoids your goods broken on way. then shipped to US (NY,LA.....) port . or take to your door if you want . not very hard .just  take your goods to our warehouse .  :) 

I shipped some things from

I shipped some things from Australia to SZ.. When it got to HK they refused to forward it on, the reason being is that personal effects cannot be shipped in or out of SZ, it must go through GZ

Here is a piece of advice

Here is a piece of advice for you: abandon all the crap you accumulated here. It ain't worth the trouble to ship them by freight. The complicated Chinese export regulations will give you so much headache for this. Arturo, just forget it, man.

go to a forwarding agent

go to a forwarding agent (shipping agent) and ask if they have any partial containers available, i dont think u will find a "loose cargo" shipper.



Where do you need this

Where do you need this shipped to? What state and Zip code? 

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