where to buy Second hand cars/pickup trucks in shenzhen

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Heywo Everyone,

So i'm on the hunt for a second hand work truck so i can truck tooling around, but i cant find anywhere that might sell used cars.  Is there such thing as a second hand car yard in China?? 

I've been to a few new car dealers but they only offer spanking new cars and the staff were as much use as a blow up dart board.

Anyone have any ideas, places or websites in shenzhen?? B-)



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Hey,am looking for secondhand

Hey,am looking for secondhand or used trucks and tractor units in China. I need to buy and export them to Kenya. They can be Japanese trucks as well. Thanks

Thanks for the help guys!!

Thanks for the help guys!!  :-)  I'll check it out!

Hi there. sorry for your

Hi there. sorry for your trouble, but you probabbly need a licience before you can drive one for anything...

First Floor was right, you can find it in Louhu district around the Bao'an Rd.


To get a used truck/pick

To get a used truck/pick up you can visit the used car dealer in Bagua Rd, Luohu District(sorry, can't remember the exact address) ask the taxi driver anyway.  

there are many second hand

there are many second hand car yards in luohu,located ai bao'an road nearby.maybe you can go there to find some out.

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