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:) some jobs available on Mon.-Fri.Am?

Hey guys  Ivy here and I really want to find a part time job available on Mon.-Fri.AM.  oh I should introduce myself first. I'm Ivy and working in an English learning centre. so u can guess my oral English is ok and my Chinese is ok,too(Lol...actually i'm chinese). 


Anyone has some ideas? or u wants to learn Chinese? I am so sure that u would never miss the chance to have a great teacher and friend.


call me.186 8157 5157



Best wishes,


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thanks Elaine. Happy new

thanks Elaine. Happy new year!

Hi, Ivy. Hope you find job as

Hi, Ivy. Hope you find job as soon as possible~

You might check the part time job information in this "Answer" and  "Jobs opening" section.

Besides, you could also upload resume to "Jobs ".do as follows:

Jobs -> New Ads -> Job search -> Candidate Resumes.

Wish you luck!

About the Author
By: Ivy.y
About the Author:

Hi buddy,
Thanks for your time. Here's Ivy,a nice and patient girl who is trying to make her life wonderful. ya I hope to meet many true friends here and life is short,make it count. Thanks again.
Best wishes,

Job Title: Chinese teacher in English learning training centre - for kids from 3-12 years old
Location: Nanshan District
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