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Language exchange

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Where can I look for some language exchange friends in Shenzhen?

Both in English and French.

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Hi, language exchange looks

Hi, language exchange looks find to me. I can speak if it's ok, please add me in...

Thank you.


  Our company is looking for


Our company is looking for some foreigners to make a telephone investigation .


Requirement: No Age and Gender Limitation, communicate in English, have lived in Shenzhen for six months or more, preferably living in Shekou, Nanshan District Area; Often go out for restaurants / shopping; people living alone (regardless of marital status, lived in Shenzhen is available) and persons living with their families.


Every foreigner that meet the requirement and finish the investigation will be paid 300RMB.

The telephone investigation may take about within 30 minutes.

The investigation is just about the consumption of food and shopping.

If any of u would like to help us please contact and leave ur phone number~

The deadline is 7.15~


I am kind of in the middle of

I am kind of in the middle of learning french and english, I would be interested in this language exchange proposals.

you guys can settle down a way , and then let us apply it A.S.A.P.

I m kind of availble once a week also, and agree to grab a coffee together and chat.

B.T.W, my name is ebby,  zhang.

Forward to seeing you

best exchange much exchange much better and more fun...

Hi Sunny, I would be

Hi Sunny, I would be interested in doing a language exchange group.  I was involved in a group a while ago  - we would meet about once a week or so, and get together over coffee and just talk, taking turns to speak in English for a while, and then in Chinese, so everyone could learn, it was also a nice way to meet new friends.. wish we can do the same thing here in Shenzhen...anyone out there interested??

we can meet then decide

we can meet then decide further...i can speak english and russian


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