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Anyone free to show me Shenzhen?

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Hi All,

I am arriving to Shenzhen on Sunday afternoon and will stay in Futian / Luohu area for a week.

During a day time i have some business things to do, but after 7pm i am usualy free and alone.

Will anybody have time to meet with me, show me arround, grab something to eat etc?

My qq# 2380454756



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Hi, thank you for your kind


thank you for your kind reply and posted informations.

Currently I am back home, but as soon as I will plan my next trip to Shenzhen, I will check out this website for up to date events.

All the best!



Dear Arek. Happy new

Dear Arek. Happy new year!

The details of Our next Wine and Cheese Event as follow:

Hope you will like it.

Dear Arek, it seems your trip

Dear Arek, it seems your trip in Shenzhen almost finish, hope you had fun already.

But if you will come again, I have three suggestions on how you might be able to find a guide or friend by  using 

1. Try the people section, you can send a private message to people that looks friendly.

2. Also it might be best to make friends in Shenzhen especially if you often come here. If you will be in Shenzhen on January 19th, please join our  Wine & Cheese event at the Rith-Carlton. We will be posting the full announcement soon and I will put a link here when it's up. We organize this event every month, so just follow our announcement and hope to see you there!

3. You might also want to try some other sites  such as Shenzhen section.

Welcome back to Shenzhen again!

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