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Anybody here who can speak Italian?

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Hi everyone,

I lived in Turin and learned some italian. I would like to have some friends who can speak Italian, or even if you are just interested in learning italian we can also help each other in studying.


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Anyone would like to join the

Anyone would like to join the party,  you are welcome!

Just let me know.

Ciao Adel,Here is a dinner

Ciao Adel,

Here is a dinner meeting, would you like to join us?

Please check this link to find the details:

Hope to see you soon!


Ciao wendyHo visuto 7 anni in

Ciao wendy
Ho visuto 7 anni in Italia, A Perugia e anche'io volio praticare il mio italianno.
Sto in Futian, si ti va un incontro, mandami un messagio 13424421647
Stame bene

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