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Any Travel recommendation?? or People who would want to join??

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I just received a week vacation from work and was wondering if anyone had travel recommendations.  I like to go to places not always on the map and really don't like just following a guidebook but could really use some tips. I love exploring the outdoors, different cultures, having fun, trying food, music, drinks etc.  I am looking for things/places that would be relatively cheap but am willing to splurg if it is worth it! :) I was just told that the week was off starting friday so am doing some quick planning. 

Also if you are interested in joining in the adventure please let me know.

Would love any info!!

Please help me,


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Good questions! I feel the

Good questions! I feel the same way! I am here in shenzhen for a few month and i am wondering the exact same thing! Since I am new here i have no idea where to go or see.  Any comments or ideas would be amazing! 

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