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Does we have any adult toy store here in shenzhen..... if any its location please?????

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Any help with

Any help with Lattitude/longtitude or google maps marking.... I couldn't find it in huaqiangbe .... Need help

Yup... any thing online.....

Yup... any thing online..... but just wanted to visit 1 (if i can) for myself....

hi there~ spot one at futian

hi there~

spot one at futian district, huaqiangbei, the most popular eletronics market~

two story store with full adult toys there~ at a food street, with clock market at its opposite

and another one, i remember it was at a food street cross the Mix Mall, at Luohu district. been there once, long time ago, wasnt sure its still there

but, come on, its a E-commerce century now, u actually could by anything online~


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