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1 or 2 person hotel in shekou on a budget

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Hi there,


Last year I graduated from QSI highschool in Shekou and I have since moved back to my country of origin. I am planning on spending my holiday in China for a couple of weeks during christmas and am looking for a hotel to stay in Shekou (preferably close to seaworld) but am on a tight budget. I might be sharing a room with a friend, so two single beds would be prefered but not mandatory.


I don't want to have breakfast, lunch, dinner included.

I saw U Hotel (near GC) for 45Euro a night, and Fuzon (at Luna) for 39Euro a night.


Is anybody familiar with these or other hotels?

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Hey Cyrus, that actually

Hey Cyrus, that actually sounds like an idea worth considering. Thanks for the tip!

Hans.... I'm Cyrus. Why dont

Hans.... I'm Cyrus.

Why dont u just stay at the 7 day hotel? Cheap... Very Cheap

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