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Property prices have dropped up to 40% claimed by the press. What has happened to rental prices?

property prices have dropped in China up to 40% claimed by the press what has happened to rental prices?

SZ is often 50% more than BJ & Shanghai i need statistics if any one can assist


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Properties Price might go Up

Properties Price might go Up & Down but when come to rental when it went up, it will always stay there this just like our taxes will only go up never come down. 

In recent years, China’s

In recent years, China’s property prices have been rising rapidly, inducing thoughts about bubbles in the real estate market. However, experts still think that with the current prices, there’s still a lot of people that has the demand and the ability to purchase real estate, thus, there’s really not many bubbles in the housing market.

Economists predict that real estate prices will probably continue to rise before 2015. The factors are obvious: an approximately 10% rise in GDP every year, RMB’s continuous appreciation to the dollar, urbanization… Therefore, the turning point of China’s housing market prices has not yet arrived, and if you are looking forward to purchase property here, the time has not come. Though there will be short-term decrease in rental prices in the near future, experts still expect the long-run trend of the prices to be increasing. The fundamental problem in regard to real estate prices in China is the population structure, and one will not expect the price trend to change unless the population structure starts to change. 2015 will probably be a turning point in regard to real estate, as demographers predicted.

In regard to the price of first-hand housing in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, well, Beijing and Shanghai are about the same level. According to statistics from 2011, Beijing’s first-hand real estate costs about ¥22310/m2 (ranks second), Shanghai is about ¥19168/m2 (ranks third). Shenzhen ranks the sixth and costs about ¥16978/m2.

 In regard to rental prices, if you look at the websites for rentals, Beijing has minor decreases in rental prices in several districts, averages about ¥5689; but if you look at better districts and locations, it could be about ¥8000-¥14000. Shanghai is about ¥6392 if you want to rent a house of equal quality as the one in Beijing, and the differences between the highest price and lowest price is way bigger than that of Beijing. Shenzhen is moderately cheaper than Beijing and Shanghai, which averages about ¥3653, but if you want one of higher quality, it’s again another story.

Here is the link for renting: (Shenzhen)



Again, you can kindly ask a Chinese friend to help you out with these websites, because they got pretty good statistics.

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