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Shenzhen Daily: 10 women to be chosenfor matchmaking party

by Cai Yingbo

TEN women in Shenzhen will be selected for a millionaires-only singles party with admission for men to cost 20,888 yuan (US$3,052).

The 10 will be chosen from 600 women who entered the round of interviews and examinations by yesterday after preliminary selection. The organizer,, received applications from 5,072 women after it launched the activity a month ago.

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wow........a marriage

wow........a marriage in-between talented beauties for money and safety it is supposed to bring.
Is there no more 'love' full of feelings and mutual attentions and romanticism ?
It pinches my heart to see to what people are left to resort to in their search for fellow companionship.
Maybe I am too sentimental....ha ha.

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