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Shekou Housing prices, what is going on??

So, I'm relocating to Shenzhen and I've been looking for an apartment in Shekou.

I can't understand some of the prices some landlords/agents are asking for.

2 apartments in the same building for example; one on 9th floor for 4500 per month and the other on the 3rd floor for 9000 per month and both the same size!!!

I believe that most of these lanlords have an over inflated idea of the value of their property in terms of rental income and that supply is out wieghing the demand.

Is anyone else finding this?

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Nice if I could be of help,

Nice if I could be of help, my skype iamstill66 and email [email protected]

How can I contact you? I

How can I contact you? I wanna see this location and maybe you may know something with 2 bedrooms. Need help here. Thanks.

Hi,Samuelf, Let me know your

Let me know your address and so i send the pic to you. [email protected]

HI, could you please email


could you please email me some photos of this apartment? Sounds great!

can you email me about this

can you email me about this apartment?
[Wowzers Batman]
[email protected]

Maybe you could consider

Maybe you could consider other places not far from Shekou but the apts could be HUGE cheaper than Skekou's in the SAME level and maybe more convenient.

Now I've an apt next to Coastal City(Hai An Cheng) for rent. It's in a nice&quiet garden less than few minutes walking to Carrefour/Jusco/many restarauts/banks or Kampinski Hotel, 10minutes to Haiya/Bookstore, and easy to go to anywhere.

rmb4000/month (no agency fee)
3 bedrooms
2 big balcony with full garden view
furnitured/electric appliances
internet access(fast broadband)
equipments for adult excise or kid playing garden.

It's not unusual for there

It's not unusual for there to be price differences but 100% is a rarity - especially in the same building, same floor plan and when the more expensive apartment is on the lower floor!! Differences in furniture & fittings and views/aspect can account for most differences and agent and landlord greed/ignorance accounts for the rest. Supply is outstripping demand right now so there are some good deals to be had. There is always some room for negotiation on extras you may need and price but not 50%. Many local agents inflate prices to expats to get more commission so be wary. At Dial-an-Angel ( ) we focus on getting the right apartment at the right price; as (regarding commission) we believe 90% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

Well, don't be surprise, the

Well, don't be surprise, the landlord always wants the rental can cover the mortgage,and this might be totally different if the landlord bought the property in different time,as an agent, I can understand some landlord asked the price a little bit higher than other same size apartments or market because of some different quality of the fruiterers and appliance, but its silly to ask too much, that just make more difficult to let this apartment out!a good agent shall always check before they sell it.

You 'd better find another

You 'd better find another real estate agent. I'm in relocation business and I did not find such disparity in recent home finding trip.

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