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HI guys!

til now, u have been the best help for me, since I will move in SZ next month (now i'm in HK).

1) my bank account is HSBC and each time i use ATM from different banks i got to pay 25 fee. is there any ATM of HSBC in SHEKOU area or any other bank which has any agreement with HSBC?

2) I cant stop's part of my life. but still can't find a decent Gym in shekou, I do running and bodybuilding....any suggestion?



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Got some more info, hope it

Got some more info, hope it helps

There is no any fee for HSBC premier customer to withdraw money in HSBC ATM machine. the ATM withdraw fee for non-Premier customers varies according to HSBC of different countries, normally the fee is 1%--1.5% / per withdrawing.

A HSBC premier customer from other countries is qualified to enjoy HSBC premier service here in China.
we are unble to satisfy most of our customers' international banking needs compared to other local banks.

ATMS in Nanshan and shekou district.

Shop G30, Prince Square
Tai Zi Road, Shekou
Nanshan District
24 hour access

Nanhai Building
1, Gong Ye 1st Road, Shekou, Shenzhen
24 hour access

Nanshan B&Q,No.3028 Nanshan Road
Nanshan District, Shenzhen
24 hour access

Shenzhen Garden City Sub-branch (Premier Center with ATM)
Shop 216 & 217, Garden City Centre
Nanhai Main Road
Nanshan District

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Better to open a local

Better to open a local account...Suggest CMB (China Merchants Bank) as they have the best online and phone banking services in China...

There's another Gym near New

There's another Gym near New Era. It's behind Ren Ren Le Supermarket. The 1 year membership at New Era cost more than 2,000rmb while it only cost me 1,360rmb at the one behind Ren Ren Le.


Thanks guys! this weekend I

Thanks guys!

this weekend I will follow the instructions...


by using the HSBC in tai zi I have heard is still going to charge you a fee [email protected]
and in my account HSBC i have 3 currency (RMB-HKD-EUR), but the machine in tai zi automatically go to my HKD account.....
I think I need to open a new account...thats tooo bad :((((

for the GYM i plan to go at evening around 8.30...i hope that gym is not too crowded, i will have a look :)
it s the only thing I dont wanna give :)

thanks a lot
this forum is Great!!!!!

There is a gym in New Era

There is a gym in New Era Apartment near Walmart. A lot of foreigners go there.

There is an HSBC ATM in Tai

There is an HSBC ATM in Tai Zi Square in Shekou (behind where the railway station is being built). It for foreign cards only.
Here are the HSBC branches in Shenzhen
The bank should be able to tell you about fees.

best to open a local

best to open a local account, because if you withdraw from HSBC Hk they charge you international rates. This is my current dilemma also.
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