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Rumor: Mind the Gap moving from McCawley's to X-TA-SEA

Bringing in new management from Shanghai to McCawley's Irish Pub created a gap in live music in Shekou. Rumor has it after a vacation the Mind the Gap band will reappear at X-TA-SEA Bar and Restaurant in the Cruise Inn.

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MTG is back at X-Ta-Sea...

MTG is back at X-Ta-Sea... license is in the process of being obtained (confirmed from good source).

Here are a few videos posted by Bill's son on youtube from December 14th: has an upcoming event featuring them as well.

So is big John still the

So is big John still the owner of MacCawleys or is it going to be bigger prices for less, Shanghai style.
I've been going to MacCawleys for 5 years and I must admit that service, food and ambience has declined even before the so called finnancial melt down but will this be used as an excuse for a price hike to maintain profit margins and if cutting services like Mind the Gap which is a really good band is any indication of whats to come then it would seem that forward planning has been sacrificed for immediate return.
The result will be another loss of a good business in Shekou. And if there is a 'cover charge' at christmas or new year as in many other Chinese operated clubs then the answer is evident.
Perhaps Bill at Xtasy or Leo at The Terrace will be able to take this rumor if true as and opportunity.
T. I. C.

Word has it that the band's

Word has it that the band's Work Permits were up for renewal and McCawley's management were going to attend to this after the Chinese New Year, leaving the band in the interim without a Work Permit.
rumour has it that the band's services were terminated effective immediately following a heated exchange of words.
I would not hold my breath with X-T-Sea securing their services. XTSea do not have the equivalent of a "live entertainement licence" and any music they provide in the interim (Xmas Eve & New Years Eve) are only on an "as approved" basis(read what you want into this) by the powers that be.
That is why there has not been any live music at XTSea since the pre Olympics crackdown.

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