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Rumor: Chef Martin Yan Culinary Institute Under Liquidation

The cooking school set up under the famous American Chinese Chef Martin Yan is bankrupt and under liquidation. Rumor has it security guards are posted outside to make sure nothing goes missing while liquidation procedures are in process. I guess the Chinese weren't interested in learning American Chinese cooking techniques. This is another blow to the European Bar Street as the owner of 3D Bar has also said he is giving his place back to the landlord.

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This is unfortunate but

This is unfortunate but comes as no real surprise. The place was pretty expensive for dinner, also the cost of attending the school was unbelievable. Besides the initial advertising it had about a year ago and the charity dinner they had for the earthquake, I heard nothing more of it. That bar street is doomed unless the management and owners of those bars work together and do some damn promotion. That 3D Bar is in a beautiful location. Great place to have an event unfortunately nobody knows it and it sits dead all the time as do all the other bars. I mean really, by looks alone, I'd rather be out at the Euro bar street than Shekou. It's easier to get to and looks cool, but still most will travel to Shekou.

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