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Review: Latin Grillhouse - Hua Qiang Bei

Well, I got home from Work pretty early last night and did not feel like the usual Dinners, Chaozhou food, Guangdong food, Papa Johns, Shakeys, All felt boring to me.
So a good mate of mine suggested we try the Latin Grill House. So my Gf and I rugged up into our best winter clothes and began the journey to Hua Qiang Bei.
We had the address of the place, so when we got off the MTR we walk to the building (Same as Papa Johns in HQB.) but could not find out how to get the the grill house.
After about 20 minutes wondering around inside Manhar Shopping Plaza, we finally Found the Place.

Now to the good stuff.
The food is excellent, the staff are all very friendly and happy to be working (even though its CNY) and do speak marginal to very good English.
The place has two types of food, there is a serve yourself buffet which has soups, Salad, some Asian type dishes and dessert.
Then there is the money food, When you sit back down at your table you are bombarded with freshly cooked Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Pork and Sausage that are served on a large stick, very similar to the other Brazilian Grill houses.

The difference between Latin and "others" is that they are not shy with the food AT ALL!
By the time we finished i was stuffed full! But there will always be space for some of the chocolate fountain!!!!
The only downside is, the Latin music was a little loud as the place was not very busy.

In My ratings its a 4/5

NOTE: The easiest way to get to the place is to walk past the main entrance of Manhar Building turn right to go down Zhenxing lu and there is a private lift directly to the Grill House there. opposite Coffee language.

See restaurant section for address and contact details

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I went here in December and

I went here in December and would probably go back. I have eaten this style before in Dallas and it's generally $150 for two and drinks so this was a decent bargain in my eyes even if the BBQ wasn't quite the same quality. My girlfriend went there twice before she took me and said one of the meats was camel. Tasted like sandy ass to me, but I liked everything else. We went at lunchtime, and sadly it was empty. I'll definitely return when I am in Shenzhen in March. Especially if the band is cool and there's a little samba or bossa nova playing. I agree with 4/5.

I went last night. I thought

I went last night. I thought the place was ok. It had some good positives. Mainly getting bombarded with a lot of meat that wasn't spicy. The buffet had a pretty nice variety, and was presented well. The chocolate fountain was pretty cool. It's good that the staff is pretty nice and has some decent english. Also it's nice to have a place like this at hua qiang bei. Now the bad part. The music is too loud. Although i got offered a lot of meat much of it was under cooked. I can deal with a little bloody beef, but bloody chicken is unacceptable. Too much of the chicken didn't taste that good, and seemed pretty raw. That was a huge turn off. Also i almost cracked my tooth on a big chunk of bone in a sausage. Overall i think they gave a good try to make a nice place, but it needs work and i'm disappointed in the quality of the bbq part of the buffet. Good thing they had coupons at the door for 20rmb off the dinner 10rmb off lunch. 68rmb seems more reasonable for the average bbq that they offer. I recommend people to try this place once and see what they think. I probably won't be there again for a while. It has potential, but I rate it a 3/5.

Lunch 58rmb per

Lunch 58rmb per person
Dinner 88rmb per person
Drinks not included
[Wowzers Batman]
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How much does it cost?

How much does it cost?

Wow...just got back from

Wow...just got back from Latin. That sure is a lot of meat. I've eaten at the Brazilian BBQ place called Amazon that has a few stores in Shekou and Central Walk Mall, but this place is as Scott says. They aren't stingy with the meat. They get it to you fast and give you alot. Also their buffet is pretty nice. One thing that I appreciateed was that none of the meat was spicey. Not even a little bit. Though, i can't eat so much meat so I won't be goin back for a while. ;)

Thanks for the review, it's

Thanks for the review, it's my bday today, and I think I'll go check it out for a lil dinner with my friend. You helped decide where to go which was turning into a little headache.

Yeah, I saw that place the

Yeah, I saw that place the other day. Actually that is the second one I've seen, I believe there is another one of these restaurants called Latin, on Shennan Lu. We were driving towards Luohu and I saw it on the second floor on the right hand side right before getting to Laojie subway station.

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