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Review: Cowboy Coffee and Buffalo grill

Hey guys,
I just went and did everyone a huge favour.
I just checked out this new "Diner" Style Western Burger, Coffee and Sandwich Place in Dongmen.
I must say, I did very much enjoy it, The staff speak enough English to order, everything is very clean and the manager is an American Chap, very nice guy. (Oh boss when you read this, I love your punch lines!)
The Location is as follows:
Dongmen, On the same road as the MAIN entrance to Club Chocolate, Only its about 2 blocks east of Chocolate. At the Intersection where the Asia Hotel is, You WILL see it. For people who are savoy with google earth, here are the co ordinates. 22 32' 48.66"N, 114 06' 52.68"E .

The Prices are good
We had the following.
3 Coca Cola (In traditional Diner style glassware)
3 Double Cheese and Bacon Burgers
1 Large serving of "Freshly pressed fries, not like the mcdonalds ones"
Total: 93rmb (31rmb per person)

My Suggestions to the owners: Maybe hook up some wireless net, with a new password each day for customers only.
Hook your self up with more memorabilia for the walls
My concerns: I hope this place doesn't go south like most innovative ideas in Shenzhen

Its opposite my Office, so i will definitely be eating there more often.
4/5 Stars

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I think your previous post

I think your previous post explains it?
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i went there and the store

i went there and the store is closed, how come?? i still haven't tried it.

what?????????? why are they

what?????????? why are they closing?? why so soon.
well then im going there as soon as i can

Just read that Cowboy Coffee

Just read that Cowboy Coffee is closing down within a few weeks. Best get in there and try that nice shake before they are gone for good:/


I should have read more closely. Shakes already off the menu:/ Best shake in town is prob at Coldstone Creamery now at Kingglory plaza;)

this buffalo grill cowboy's

this buffalo grill cowboy's coffee sounds really interesting... I always go searching for good food in shenzhen, even i work in yantian i see to it that i go to city to eat something good almost everyday if possible. well... this is definitely i want to try. see u guys there.

Not very far Cowboy there is

Not very far Cowboy there is a newly opened Indian restaurant CURRY LEAF. From Dongmen Junction on the KFC side just walk 200m and can see the tall Gold Building . Over there on the Ground floor is this new restaurant. Opened by an Indian born Australian this new place has very nice Ambience and a very nice Bar. They also have Mon - Thur Lunch Buffet at 48rmb only .

Curry Leaf,
Golden Business Centre,
Ground Floor,
2028, Shennan Road East ,
Shenzhen 518020
Tel: 25154023
Fax : 25154024

There is now a listing in

There is now a listing in featured restaurants section (up the top look for "restaurants" tab)
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Howdy partner, Sorry for the

Howdy partner,
Sorry for the late reply but it looks like I just caught you before you got here.
Here is the address and phone number.
There usually is someone there speaking English.
Just print and show these directions to the cab-guy, or call and hand the phone to the driver...You'll get here just fine...It's worth the drive!
Add: Nantang Shangye Square A165, Dongmen, Luohu. Cnr Shennan Fudao and Yongxin St.

Telephone: (0755) 8238 3123

The Cowboy

Ok guys and gals and all you

Ok guys and gals and all you others out on the Shenzhen Frontier.
I got some hoopin’ good news to announce!

Your "More Beef" cries have been answered!!...(And yes it's 100% Pure Beef too!!)

Our Menu Manifesto is now coming to fruition with the 1/3 pounder burger (single patty),....The 1/4 pounder (single patty), and of course The Famous double-double cheese burger...2 meat(1/4 lb total) and 2 cheese! And you can always ask for “More Beef” to be added to make you custom mega-burger.
Bigger thicker Beef is now on the menu!

And if Steak is your craving.... We have the "Double Steak option" for both the Steak and Chicken burgers.

In case you didn't read the forum on "100% Real Beef",
let me repeat myself...
There's been some talk out on the Shenzhen frontier as to whether or not our beef burger is 100% real beef, or a blend of something else.
Well folks...Our beef burgers are indeed 100% Pure Beef...No fillers additives.
We will add bacon upon request! Which may cause confusion if you ask if the beef-burger has pork(bacon)... Certain things can be lost in an interpretation when you are talking to someone who speaks English as a second language..

So remember...Cowboy’s Burgers = 100% Pure Beef and nothing added!!!
Bacon burger has bacon added on top of the burger. Yes!!! Real Bacon Added!!!

Once again The Saturday issue...I know it's bad for business, but we keep The Sabbath on Saturday, so we are indeed closed... Even if it causes us to loose the business holing to that Commandment. I am Hebrew..(but I still will serve Real Bacon on a Bacon Burgers)

So now you know... 100% Beef.....Real Bacon....Closed Saturdays...

The Cowboy

They got vege burgers

They got vege burgers now.
Havnt tried but seems like a good option to throw into the mix!
[Community Manager:]
[email protected]

I went to try out the

I went to try out the burgers a couple nights ago and was pretty satisfied after I got a Strawberry Shake, Fries and a Cowboy Double Double Burger for around 52RMB. I guess you could say that my personal preference is for thicker fries and thicker milkshakes.

- Brent

yeah, a bit overdone. but i

yeah, a bit overdone. but i really feel thickness would make a difference too. ;)

I am arriving in Shenzhen on

I am arriving in Shenzhen on the 25th from Australia for 5 nights, I want to check this place out, easy to get there from the Metropark Hotel,? The hotel is located at 2088 Dongmen Road Central Luohu District Shenzhen.

Can you point a total stranger in the right direction?


I'll forward this to my

I'll forward this to my staff....Boy Howdy....
Send 4 horses and a rope, as we have some drawing and quartering to do...

I'll check on that salt issue... We measure it out carfully, but something may have gotten lost in the translation.
As for size... Our Cowboy Double Double is a 1/4 lb burger, but that's as large as we get for now. Maybe we could do a 1/2lb BEEF Supreme Cowboy burger for you cow-craving types. Let me know if that's of interest!

We're always up for making good adjustments and improvements..
As for the fries...are you saying they were too crispy too?
Were they over-done?
Let me know, and I will investigate...

So I went by today for

So I went by today for lunch. It was just OK. The Milk shake was real good. Maybe too much whip cream and not enough ice cream though. The fries seemed too oily for my tastes, I was hoping for thicker fries. These were fresh cut, you can definitely see this, which is nice, but IMO not that great. The thing I really didn't like was the burger. I had a regular cheeseburger. The burger was really thin and way too salty. My recommendations. For the fries, cut them a bit thicker. I like a little softness to them, when they are cut too thin and fried they are gonna be too hard when done. I would boil them first enough so the skin will come off, then cut into a thicker sized fry, then fryem. For the Burgers, thicker more traditional shape, add salt and pepper, but not too much, the natural flavor of the meat shouldn't be ruled by the saltiness. you can add some kind of sauce like worchestershire sauce if you like but really, just a little salt and pepper is enough, then use that nice little grill you guys got.
Oh, and I didn't give it a reeally good look, but if your menu doesn't have them, you might want to add ice cream floats. Soda+ice cream+whip cream and syrup to be fancy;) They even sell root beer in 7-eleven, so u must be able to get it wholesale somewhere. Maybe Sam's Club. And finally, like I said before, more ice cream, less whipped cream. If that costs to much, I would suggest a smaller glass. No sure which Ice Cream you were using, but a good one that I think is less expensive here is made by a brand called MeiJi(Mei something). I use that all the time. They sell it in a traditional rectangular boxes and I've seen it most often at 7 eleven. Just some constructive criticism.;) Nice staff and looked really clean. Hope you guys will be around for a while.

Hey everyone david has now

Hey everyone david has now connected WiFi for his customers in the restaurant. This means you can relax for the extra 20 mins when your out of the office!
[Wowzers Batman]
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Ok Cowboy Partners, Here is

Ok Cowboy Partners,
Here is The Scoop....There ain't many cows in Shenzhen, and good ice cream is hard to find.
An we love to make our shakes from good ice cream!
That's why the 22 rmb price.
You may also want to try our tripple-scoop Banana Split...It's just plain Yummy and also 22rmb!

As for not work'n weekends... We do work all day and night on Sunday, just not on Saturdays.
We keep The Sabbath on Saturdays and give our employees the day off to rest just as well.
A real Cowboy is a man of Unbending, Unyielding principles which neither money nor success can buy.
As for our business hours,
We're open Sunday thru Friday 10am to 11pm(often staying open until midnight).
I'm glad everyone is enjoying our taste of the Real West, and I hope to expand our daily hours of opening as soon as we can afford more employees.
Take care.
The Cowboy

i thought i posted here

i thought i posted here before, but i don't see it.

so, i went to cowboy last weekend, saturday night. had a friend with me who came to Luohu specifically for the burgers, fries, and shake that i'd promised her. imagine our disappointment to find cowboy closed. on a saturday night. in dongmen.

i'm sorry, but i gottta ask. why would anyone close a dongmen business on a weekend? close on tuesdays!!!

anyway, i went back later in the week. good burger and fries, and the prices were very reasonable. the shake was good too, but a little overpriced at 22rmb, IMHO.

finally, a question: in addition to putting them on the door, can you post the hours here? thanks in advance, and thanks for bringing good burgers to Dongmen.

Just a bit of an update for

Just a bit of an update for the directions to Cowboy's...
When you take the metro, and exit at the "laojie" station, DO NOT take exit A....Take exit C...You will walk down a long hall filled with KFC ads on the walls. Once you travel up the first set of stairs, you currently will see construction in front of you... there, you will exit to the left set of stairs.
At the top of the stairs of this exit, you will see accross the street. Now just go right and walk to the end of that same bulding and we are there.
We had people having a bit of a difficulty finding us, so I thought I'd make the directions a little clearer.

AHHHHHH Now this makes

Now this makes sense!!!!
I was craving for a burger after my big night out on friday night!!!!
Well ill probably pop over sometime this week to make up for it!

[Wowzers Batman]
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Hello guys, Well... This is

Hello guys,
Well... This is a strange one to me...
I personally opened the store early today, and 3 of us were working all day long... I am still here now at nearly midnight.
The only day of the week we are closed is Saturday.
I posted our official hours and days of opperation but it either didn't make the posting ...or I may not have hit the final send button after the preview... sorry folks..
Anyway, today were were open all day nonstop...10am till now... almost midnight.
Our official hours are currently 10am to 11pm. We tend to stay late and stay open for some of our patrons.
Sorry for any confusion...
As for the hours being posted on the doors...Well... it's just a plain oversite on my part.....
Be nice, guys! I'll get it posted...
The Cowboy

I was also there yesterday

I was also there yesterday at around the same time and yes it WAS CLOSED!!! WTF is going on!!?? no sign on the door or anything!
1 day after you advertise the new menu, you are closed? if there is a problem at least put a sign on the door in English and Chinese!
Please reply to these posts!
[Wowzers Batman]
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i went there today around

i went there today around 2pm finding out that it was CLOSED. what's happening?

well shot me an email and it

well shot me an email and it will be a chance for us to catch up also, as i want to go for some food again also.
[Wowzers Batman]
[email protected]

mmm, this sounds good. i

mmm, this sounds good. i will be coming in tonight, tomorrow, or early next week:D

Ill be in today so ill try

Ill be in today so ill try one the the shakes!
What time does breakfast run from or is it an all day event?
[Wowzers Batman]
[email protected]

I want to personally thank

I want to personally thank for giving Cowboy's such a good review. We've been asking where people found out about us, and there were predomonately 2 answers so far...From a frend...Or...From! It looks like we've been satisfying that rustic western craving for a Real American-Style burger with an affordable price almost anyone can afford(14rmb and up).
Well I've got more good news..We just added a Real Vanilla Ice-cream Shake! Just ask for it when you come in. We'll be adding it on the printed menu when we reprint.
Another addition is the Bacon and egg breakfast! 2 Eggs, 2 Bacon, and 2 Toast, for only 20 rmb!...ask for it when you come in.
Our Moca Cappuccino's really took-off selling faster than that horse named White Lightning! I guess everyone was surprised that a Real Moca Capuccino is supposed to taste like Chocolate Moca...not just coffee!

Thanks for giving the English-speaking settler a welcome place to go when they need to find out just what this happy little city has to offer.
I hope we're here for a long time satisfying their every western taste-bud desire..
Keep up the good work!
The Cowboy

Well from Ur office walk

Well from Ur office walk east along shennen lu, or get off the mtr at "laojie' station, take exit a and walk arounf the building to the right and u should see chocolate.
Dongmen is the major shopping area, really suggest u go find it nd have a wonder around there
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Scott, thanks for the

Scott, thanks for the location but for those of us new to Shenzhen where is Dongmen and Chocolate and how do we get there? My office is opposite MIX.

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