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Restaurant Spotlight: Oscar's Steakhouse.Lounge - Finally, a Good Steak.

Monday is usually not a day that most look forward to. It’s the official end of the weekend. Either you are going back to school or back to work. I usually feel a dread as the weekend begins to end, but not this past one. Why you ask? Well, I was given the word that I would be going to Oscar’s Steakhouse and Lounge.

Let me tell you, a good Steak in Shenzhen is really hard to find. What you get in the restaurants here is usually a big disappointment. A lot of it has to do with the quality of meat being used. Most of it is frozen which when thawed, really detracts from the flavor. Even if that doesn’t bother you, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received a steak that had more blood than cooked meat. It’s happened so much, that I would never dare to ask for a medium cooked steak anymore. SuperSteak comes to mind.

Oscar’s is a break from the norm in Shenzhen. They are located on the second floor of the Holiday Inn on Nanhai Road in Nanshan. When you walk in you’ll first notice the place has a very nice atmosphere and a very elegant style to it. It is split by the bar facing both the lounge and main dining area. I was joined by Brent of Shenzhenparty fame and Jerome, the director of food and beverage for the Holiday Inn. We sat in the lounge and talked before we put Oscar’s to the test. Jerome told us, “We want it (Oscar’s) to have two identities. You can have dinner in the restaurant, then after you can hang out at the lounge, watch some live sports and enjoy a drink or a cigar. We also want people to know we have a lounge menu offering smaller things like the soon to be added Chili Burger.” Matthew Jones, Oscar’s Australian Chef, added, “We have something for everyone. A bit of everything”

Next, let me tell you about the meat. Chef Matt said it best, “If you’re gonna have a steakhouse, you need quality. Not many, if any, restaurants in Shenzhen focus on steak and the quality of their meat.” There are two kinds imported every week, Australian Grass Fed Beef and Mongolian Beef, which has a very high reputation in the North. All are Imported, Chilled NOT Frozen and have many different cuts including T-Bones, Sirloins, Rib Eye, and the Kobe Style Beef that the Chef described as “the highlight”. All of which are on display and cooked on the Charcoal Grill in their Open Kitchen where you can see all the action. They may be the only place in town using a Charcoal grill that give a steak that distinct smoky flavor missing from most steaks in Shenzhen. To address my problem of bloody meat, we were given a guarantee, “Your meat will NEVER be undercooked.”

They specialize in steaks, but that is not their only focus. They have many choices for appetizers and entrees including lamb, poultry, and seafood. They try to adjust the menu all the time to meet the needs of the people. For example some offerings are Japanese Fusion since the nearby area has a large community of Japanese. They also plan to create some Vegetarian dishes in the near future. Today’s review will mostly focus on a few appetizers and a steak of choice.

Brent and I were eager to get to our eating. He enjoyed a glass of Pinot Noir and I a glass of Watermelon Juice. We first chose a couple appetizers. The Shrimp Cocktail and Buffalo Wings sounded especially appetizing. We then each asked for the Reef and Beef a combination of garlic prawns and steak served with a potato cooked the way you like it. Also, the Salad Bar was included with our meal as it is with any entrée.

The Salad Bar was a nice treat. Jerome told us that the salad bar’s offerings change all the time. That day, they had three prepared salads as well as a make your own station. I made a little sampler of the prepared salads while Brent made his own creation. I had a little of the Bowtie Pasta Salad. It was mixed with sliced onions and other small vegetables. I detected a small amount of cheese. A very basic but good salad. Next, I had the Grilled Vegetable and Fruit salad. It had a sweet and sour dressing that I didn’t care for to be honest, but it wasn’t bad. It seemed to have some fruit mixed in that I couldn’t place. I’d skip it next time. My favorite of the three was the delicious Potato Salad that had little pieces of bacon mixed in. Now THAT was a good Potato Salad. I was tempted to go up for seconds, but I knew a lot was on the way. Brent chose from five big bowls of vegetables. He put his choices in the center wooden bowl and choose from the many many dressings and add-ins. I think there were at least 20 things like cheese, bacon, olives, Caesar and balsamic vinaigrette to name a few. Jerome was quick to point out that all of the dressings they have are home-made. Then with his veggies, add-ins and dressing chosen, he mixed them together in the wooden bowl then transferred his masterpiece to his plate. Everything looked so fresh. Many places around town offering a buffet seem to just leave things out all the time. That does not look to be the case here.

While we started our salads, the waitress brought us a little fresh baked bread free of charge to munch on with some garlic butter. The bread had a great texture. The outside had a crispiness to it while the inside a flavorful chewy center. Soon after, our appetizers joined us.

The Jumbo Buffalo Wings (58 RMB) were definitely not the traditional American fare. The style was more Asian in taste but still great. Sweet and tangy as well as a bit spicy, but it wasn’t get-me-some-water-NOW hot. A good level. The skin was crispy and the inside was really juice. Perfect but I still prefer wings from Hooters.

Also gracing the table was a large cocktail glass adorned with a crown of medium-large prawns. The glass was decorated with a slice of lemon, some colorful vegetable leaves and bamboo shoots filled the inside mixed with a dressing. Maybe Mayonnaise. The shrimp were full of flavor. Not overcooked and tasted great with the accompanying cocktail sauce. The Shrimp Cocktail (68 RMB) is highly recommended.

After about 15-20 minutes later, we received our Reef and Beefs. Brent got the Rib Eye and I got the T-Bone. Normally, the options for the Reef and Beef are the Rib Eye (288 RMB) or the Mongolian Beef (198 RMB) but for the guy reviewing their restaurant, they made an exception. Substitutions are allowed, but there would be a charge added depending on the choice. I wanted to test their “never undercooked” claim, ordered mine medium, and Chef Mathew lived up to his word. Both of our selections were made just as we asked. Pink, no blood. Not to worry if Chef Matt is not around, his crew of chefs were handpicked and most come from the once popular and now closed Polo restaurant. The steaks were served with a few sides including freshly made potato chips, mashed potatoes, and a small stone bowl of grilled prawns in garlic oil.

My T-bone was magnificent. It had a nice char on top that added such a nice smoky flavor that screamed I was just cooked on a real charcoal grill. The meat was succulent and not at all tough or chewy. I tried a bit of Brent’s rib-eye which was also good, but I preferred my T-bone. It had a gamier taste to it that you could really taste the difference between the two. The mashed potatoes were smooth in texture and the taste was an eruption of flavor. I’m not one that cares for potato chips so they weren’t a big hit with me and I think were there mostly for decoration. The most enjoyable of the sides was the garlic prawn. I wish I had some more bread to dip in that oil. It really was spectacular.

My one complaint about Oscars was the waiting time for the steaks. I had heard from some people the service was a little bad, but I don’t really agree with that. They were quick to exchange used plates and offer more wine and juice and were all very pleasant. I just think they like to make a steak right and take their time with it.
All in all, another great dining experience. If you are looking for a Steak that is far beyond Super, head on over to Oscars in the Holiday Inn.

Open from 12:00-2:00PM
Reopens from 5:30-10:30PM
Lounge stays open till 1:00AM

Chef Mathew Recommends:
"The Australian Chilled Kobe-Style Tenderloin priced at 198RMB. Our Best Seller!"

Lunch Special:
3 Course Set Menu with a choice of Australian Rib eye or Sirloin Fairly priced at RMB148.00. This includes one soup, fruit, and coffee or tea.

    Happy Hour: 5:30-7:00

½ Price Draft Beer during Olympics
Buy One get One Free Cocktail

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GRISSINI at Seaworld is

GRISSINI at Seaworld is another good one.

There are many good steak

There are many good steak places in Shenzhen - I am from USA and I have had steak at the best in USA - Morton's, Ruth Chris, Bones, etc. While the steak houses in Shenzhen can't hold a candle to most US steak houses, there are many good ones - my favorite is Super Steak(what a "catchy" name)!
If you want good steak, it is best to go to "civilization" in Hong Kong!
Quality and Sanitation are always a +!

I've been here a year and

I've been here a year and Oscar's is by far the best steak house in Shenzhen I've bee to so far. If someone had a better one, please post it (with the address).

I will give them a try:)

I will give them a try:) Have you been to Oscar's? :)

Best steaks in Shekou are at

Best steaks in Shekou are at Xta-sea.

As good as they get.

A shorter plug, but it will do.

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