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Reporting problems with classified advertisements

If you have a problem with the classified section of our web site. Please compose an email with the following information:

  • Email address associated with account
  • Username used in account
  • Description of subject of classified ad
  • Category Ad was posted
  • Clear description of problem

Do NOT send us your password. We won't ask for it.

Please address your email to [email protected].

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I went to edit my ad today

I went to edit my ad today and the website said: "The ad does not seem to exist anymore. Please return to our homepage."

I have no idea why. The original ad was posted july 11 to Jobs Offered. I did a new ad today, and get the same message when i try to edit it. This was immediately after i posted, so there wasn't even time for a human to reject it yet.

my log-in is [email protected].

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