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"Registering" with the Police 500 day fine etc can't get a straight story here!

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Can anyone refer a web link or an online FAQ about this. Specifically:

I hear so many stories:

A. It is antiquated law from old days. Everyone ignores this.

B. You only need to do if you live here full time on work permit.

C. Our permit lapsed on our children and police arrested our family, abused us, and extorted cash from us and then made us sign a paper that it was our idea.

D. If you are on a multi-entry F visa and go to HK every 60 days, you don't need this.

E. Technically, you need to register with the police, EVERY time EVERYONE comes to China for any reason, even if you stay in hotel. And EVERY SINGLE TOURIST who does not can be arrested and fined 500 day.

F. If you go to register after being here for a month in hotel or service apartment, they will see the date on your entry visa and fine you 500 day for every day previously and treat you like a criminal. (and want the money in cash of course) Therefore, only register the same day you come in from Hong Kong, and check in to a hotel and have the hotel register you.

G. If F is true -- Is this good for 6 months or only as long as you booked the hotel?

H. Biz trip to Beijing -- Vacation to Hangzhou -- you are to re-register there? Everywhere you go?



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Bypass all the headaches

Bypass all the headaches associated with registering with the police. Just go stay in a hotel when you get here. But I don't mean the expensive ones.

When I first got here, I stayed at one of those 60RMB nightly hotels (technically love hotels) and they registered for me.

My friend from Brazil did it the proper way and wasted two days getting everything straightened out. Email me if you want the address of the place I stayed at.

It's near Shekou Wal-mart, but there are tons of similar motels/hotels throughout the city. :)

It might be a good idea for

It might be a good idea for you to get registered. It is my guess they are going to be back, and this time, since you ignored their warning, they might not be so friendly. Just FYI

I live in LouHu. A few weeks

I live in LouHu.
A few weeks ago some policemen in casual clothing came to my apartment building. I just came back from lunch, and we took the same elevator (of course at that point I did not know they are police). When I step out from the elevator on my floor, they followed. When I arrived to my apartment's door, they identified themselves as police (showing me some kind of ID hanging in their neck). I do not speak chinese, they did not speak english, so my handy little translator gadget came into service.
The guy was very friendly, and helpful.He explained to me that I should had been registered by the police.
He told me I need to take my passport with me and the contract of my apartment rental. Then he asked me to give him photocopy of my passport, which I did. He asked for my mobile nr, and he told me that an english speaking colleague will call me later on to make an appointment. Meanwhile the other policemen were knocking on each apartment's door on my floor and they got into a quite loud arguement with a chinese guy (though I did not understood a word).
Since then nobody called me, I went to HK once, but nothing happened at the border either. ???

I am on a multi-entry

I am on a multi-entry business visa and find the registration process easy and straightforward.

I do not need to re-register every time I go to Hong Kong and return. I just need to register every time I get a new entry visa (so I need to register every 6 months or one year, according to the visa duration) - this is because they need to have a record of the new visa number. I would also need to re-register if I changed my address. By the way, my business visa requires me to go to Hong Kong every 30 days - not 60 - and this is VERY strictly enforced, so read the visa carefully.

As far as I remember I had to have a letter from my 'host' company the first time I registered but have not needed one since then.

The police station where I register (on Houhai Boulevard behind Shenzhen University) has English-speaking staff and they are always very efficient and friendly. Much more so than their UK counterparts in my opinion. It is NOT the nightmare process that some people seem to make out. However, it is a legal requirement and it is enforced, so it's a good idea to comply with it.

I have never heard of a fine for registering more than one day after entry. The earlier answer was correct - if you register with a hotel, they complete the registration process with the police, so tourists don't normally need to go themselves to register if they are staying in a hotel. This should mean the if you are staying in a tourist hotel in Hangzhou your hotel would register you.

Hope that helps.

I live in Futian. When I

I live in Futian. When I register I do not have to go through all the steps you detail, but I have been registered at my current residence for over four years. Maybe had to do all that the first time, I can not remember, but I do not have to do it now when I re-register on each return.

I speak only enough Chinese to order a beer, and tell a young lady she is beautiful. I do not do, one of my staff does this for me. My staff has told me at the police station I use, they have staff there that speaks English.

I am not on a Visa, I have a residence permit. Residence Permits are for one year, but it is very easy to renew it each year. There are no restrictions on the number of exits/entrys, and obviously there are no restirctions on the length of stay for each entry, because I am a legal resident of China. There is fundamental difference between a visitor on a visa and a legal resident.

I hope I was able to answer your questions.

Thanks for the info. Where

Thanks for the info.

Where do you live? Shekou? I read a post from someone in Futian who described a complicated process. Getting a document stamped by their apt. management office, then the local police station with a COPY of their lease, THEN to the PSB office. I think there was also some issue of the lease had to be an official one registered with the government.

Also, do you speak Chinese? Are you able to do this without a translator?

Regarding going to HK for day trips: What type of Visa are you on? Are you on a visa that requires you to exit every 30 or 60 days? If so, do they give the residence permit for the length of your allowed stay or is it for the length of your flat lease or a set period of 1 year? How long is the resident permit issued for?

Thanks! LG

It is the law and it is

It is the law and it is enforced. I do not know what the fine is.

The law applies to all aliens with any visa type and aliens with residency permits.

All aliens within 24 hours of their arrival in Chia must register with the local public security office.

If you check into a hotel, the hotel registration is considered as also registering; so if you check into a real hotel you do not need do anything else.

If you live in your own home or anyplace other then a hotel, you must within 24 hours of entering China register with the local public security office.

I do this everytime I come back to China, it is not difficult, takes maybe one to two hours.

I have read the law in an English booklet given out by the China Entry and Exit Administration. It does not specifly talk about the issue of going to Hong Kong for the day. From my experience, and my guess would be, that since you are not changing your residence that you would not need to register upon entry.

You should also be aware the law also states you must carry your passport or residency permit with you at all times. I do this, and would advise any alien to follow this law.

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