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Railway station suspends sales of platform tickets

SHENZHEN Railway Station will stop selling platform tickets from today among other measures to ensure public safety during the Olympic Games.

People are banned from entering the station platforms to meet or send off train passengers, according to a notice issued by railway authorities yesterday. This is in response to requirements laid down by the Ministry of Railways and Ministry of Public Security. It did not specify when the situation would return to normal.

Only passengers with valid train tickets are now allowed into the station and all will need to go through safety checks.

Other measures include X-ray scanning for all passengers and luggage before entering the waiting hall. People buying train tickets must undergo safety checks before being allowed in. Intending travelers can buy tickets to Beijing three days in advance instead of 10 days previously.

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Nothing new under the

Nothing new under the sun!
These measures seem to have always been applied

Whenever I take a train from Shenzhen to Guangzhou I always must X-ray Scan my luggages and only train tickets holders are allowed to enter the waiting area, then once the train is there, they check again your ticket before entering the platform.

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