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The Pitfalls of China's Rough Capitalism 2008-01-12

The Pitfalls of China's Rough Capitalism
Saturday January 12, 4:37 am ET
By William Foreman, Associated Press Writer
Safety Scares, Rip-Offs: China's Rough Capitalism Daunts Foreign Buyers but Still They Come

GUANGZHOU, China (AP) -- Ron Rust and Beve Kozub were poking around the toy booths at China's biggest trade fair two years ago when something caught their eye: pouty-faced baby dolls snuggling in light blue and pink fleece blankets, their eyes tightly shut or gazing with a newborn's woozy stare.

The American dealers plunked down $22,052 for a shipment of 2,740. But the lifelike dolls turned out to be knockoffs. Rust and Kozub were slapped with a lawsuit that could have cost them their home in Harmony, Pa.

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600 toymakers’ export

600 toymakers’ export licenses revoked

CHINA has revoked the export licenses of 600 toymakers to ensure product safety and defend the “Made in China” brand around the world.

The country’s top quality watchdog has inspected more than 3,000 factories that supply toys to overseas markets during a four-month nationwide campaign, Pu Changcheng, deputy chief of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, said yesterday.

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