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Oscars Steak House...anyone been there?

Has anyone been to Oscars Steak House...would like to go tonight but it would be great to get some feedback...also, general price for a main meal?

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We now have a review of

We now have a review of Oscar's Steakhouse. Click on the link below to read it:

Review: Oscar's Steakhouse.Lounge - Finally, a Good Steak.

I personally suggest not to

I personally suggest not to go there. If your looking for the quality of meat, you wont find it there. Its not just the quality of meat, but the preperation of the steak as well. Yeah, meat imported from Mongolia and australia, still kinda bad. If you have a sophisticated taste in steak, dont go.... Sorry.

I didn't have the same

I didn't have the same experience as Waffle Eater. There will be review up probably over the weekend, so look for it;)

Hi everyone, thanks for the

Hi everyone, thanks for the comments. Think I'll give it a miss for now. there are many other great options to choose from.

Went there 2 months ago.

Went there 2 months ago. Decore is a bit boring and old fashion. Food was OK, nothing exceptional. We were a group of ten (10) and the concensus was that - "just OK" - they sell both imported and Mongolian beef. The service was embarrassingly bad, not what you would expect from a Holiday Inn/Crowne Plaza hotel - staff were totally inadequate - and we blame the management for that, not the staff. Expect to pay Rmb550 per head with a couple of beers and the odd glass of wine. The nite we attended the staff could not pull a draft beer until a senior manager came to rectify the problem later on in the evening. Have not been back as yet.

Some second hand info and a

Some second hand info and a bit late, but my friends went there and they told me it was really good. The only complaint they had was that they were out of many things from the menu. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to check them out soon and let everyone know if they can make a good big thick juicy steak:)

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