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ONE things dont understand about foreigners

we all know shenzhen have so many foreigners live here , and china .but a lots of them always say they hate this about hate this about ,so dirty ,blah blah.all the things .if they hate shenzhen and china so much, why are they still here ? for what reasons ? some of them say oh becuase the girls here are pretty . and thats the stupidest reason i ever heard in my life .as long as i know myself . i wont go to any placees, countries i dont feel like it and dont want to have to look ,specially some place i HATE it .butwhy all these foreigners they keep saying they hate shenzhen or china , but at the meant time they still live here for so long ?i dont know why and dont understand ,so lets talk about what is their excuse .

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emily you used to hangout a

you used to hangout a lot in the wrong places so of course you will talk in a very general way about foreigners.i agree with you that ''we'' complain a lot about many things around shenzhen but still u cant attack all the foreigners because of this thing.

Look Guys, One more warning,

Look Guys, One more warning, If this post turns into a fight and a slander match between ANY TWO countries i will lock it down. UNDERSTOOD? Keep to the topic, and keep nice.
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u might be right , i am too

u might be right , i am too generalising . but i am speaking the truth too.
and yeah , i went to U bar pretty often befor ,but not for a long while.and im not sure im the one u saw many times there or not . i hate there anyway .full of stupid people.

I agree several HK people

I agree several HK people are racist...true

I lived here 2 years and before 1 year in guangzhou.

i have to say HK people are generally racist, but i have also met some good friends which love mainland and do not agree to other Hker.

so i think this discussion is offensive for everyone cause is a battle between human with different colture...useless fight!

never generalize....

be United!

gosh talking like bob marley!

emily hsu you are way too

emily hsu
you are way too much generalising here!!! by the way arent you the girl who i saw at U bar many times before? if not,my bad!

The worst moaners and racist

The worst moaners and racist people are the Hong Kong Chinese, They having spent a lot of time under British rule and gotten richer because of it, despice mainlander and think they are way way better. Without cheap labour in China, HK would not have become such a rich port.

Whenever mainlanders come to HK, they are treated like Sh1t, the get ripped off, service to them is so bad.

Thanks for your post. I can

Thanks for your post.

I can speak a reasonable mandarin. and I'm glad to read you reply.
I wish to meet new friends and learn more about culture here!

thanks...and see u soon!

Ashita, Welcome to Shenzhen


Welcome to Shenzhen and do not worry about the most stupid remarks that some Chinese have been dropping in this discussion . These are simply people that can not make the difference between an expat and a foreigner (not all foreigners living in Shenzhen are actually expats). They hang around in those infamous bars in Shekou to make some foreigner friends and after they have been listening to the whining remarks of a drunken petrol worker that just returned from his offshore assignment, they claim to know all foreigners in China. They are bitter because they could not get their foreign boyfriends / girlfriends to marry them and now they make up the stupidest things to make people like you worry about China. They say that all foreigners have no manners and then they start smoking in the elevator and spitting on the street just right in front of you (something even my Chinese friends complain about).
Again, don’t give 50 cents on anything they have been saying. I believe you are not one of those bitter and old oil workers or a lost English teacher. A good thing about the whole discussion is that it gives us the most evident hint that also not all Chinese are the same. While your risk meeting one of those bitter persons in this forum, I still want to encourage you to go out and meet others. Be assured that you will be meet some reasonable and real people here. Gain some Chinese friends that will be happy to explore with you the evident cultural differences between you and them. Don’t listen to bitter people that are accusing you of ignorance, exploitive behavior towards the locals and that you would be bad mannered because they are simply bitter for one or the other reason.
and if you ever should meet one of the above persons, just be aware that there are as*&$(%s in every nation on this world indeed – even in mine)

And enjoy Shenzhen as much as many of my friends and still to find friends to

Emily, After reading the

After reading the complete thread, I scrolled back to the top to read over your original post and questions.
So I will try to answer your points as best I can.
First of all, You are classing all non chinese residents / visitors as "foreigners" and that is wrong. It is like assuming that there are only 2 cultures in the world... Chinese and the rest of the world.
You say a "lot of them say they hate this or hate that" ... how many is a lot ?? what nationalities or cultural backgrounds did they come from ? can you see what I am trying to hi-light here ?? ;-)

I can only truly comment for English people of which I am one. Yes it is true, English people do tend to complain a lot especially when abroad, however, I think that these people are generally the holiday types and professional, world travelled people tend to be more broad minded and understanding of different cultures.

You say some of them say that the reason for them staying here is that "the girls are pretty" and you say that is a stupid reason.... why do you think that ??
You are now obviously categorising "Foreign Men" What may be a seem stupid to one person may seem quite acceptable and sensible to another especially taking into account cultural differences.

You say that you wont go to some foreign countries that you dont like, but how would you know you didnt like them unless you went there? have you actually been to any foreign countries? I think that it is only through real world travel that one can fully begin to understand the vast differences in global cultures and why some people behave and act in a particular way.
To try and answer your question "why do foreigners stay here if they hate it?"... Perhaps many of them have no real choice as their work or career keeps them here... I am one that falls into that category, but I am happy to be here.

There are areas in Shenzhen where I am based which are very dirty and there is industrial pollution present, theres no escaping that fact, but i also understand that with so much development happining in the present China economic boom, that is unfortunately unavoidable. As we say in England "you can't make an omlette without breaking a few eggs" :)

You ask "what are the foreigners excuses?".... I think that this is quite a strong word to use as it implies an explanation to justify a wrong doing. I think that there are no excuses.. only explanations and many of therse can be explained by a misunderstanding of behavioural patterns of different cultures.

I hope that i have managed to answer some of your questions and possibly given you some more points to think about.

best regards,

I love china in

I love china in everything!

but its Scary to see how people talk about Foreigners:

All places have got a bad and a good whats the point to generalize all...crazy

I will move from HK to SZ in a couple of month...I hope I wont meet some racist which will make me regret my choice.

When you discuss how

When you discuss how 'foreigners' behave in China, it's true that they can't all be lumped together as one amorphous mass, but every foreigner living and working in China is an 'expat' so there are common elements in our experience here.

Why do expats complain so much here? I think it's for the same reason that, as was pointed out above, expats complain everywhere.

It's partly about culture shock and the stress of living in another country than the one you grew up in.

Living in a different country, no matter how much you like it, can be very stressful at times, because nothing is ever quite the same as at home and many small, everyday tasks can seem very difficult, time-consuming and frustrating. That's why things like long queues in banks or empty ATM machines can bring out the worst in expats here.

But I believe it's mostly about manners.

Good-mannered expats take the rough with the smooth and only occasionally share their frustrations with each other or, even more occasionally, with their close friends here. Bad-mannered expats whinge and moan and rant about every little frustration every single time they experience it.

Good-mannered expats are careful always to keep in mind the fact that this world, and specifically this country, does not revolve around them. Bad-mannered expats rage against the fact that they cannot force the world to change its angle of rotation.

Good-mannered expats learn as much as they can about the people and the customs of the country that's putting bread in their bellies and finally they either work out a way to live in harmony with their environment, or else they decide it's time to go home. Bad-mannered expats quite often stay on and on, spending all their time in expat ghettoes, abusing every local who's unfortunate enough to cross their path, growing more bitter and vituperative with each passing year.

Good mannered expats try to change behaviour they don't like by example, bad-mannered expats try to change it by mocking and sneering.

Good-mannered expats are aware of their ignorance. Bad-mannered expats are convinced of their superior knowledge.

This is not unique to China, believe me. I've seen it in more than one country. It's always ugly, and the worst of these people are always 'stuck' where they are because they are so bad-mannered that nobody really wants them back home.

The best way to avoid these people is to avoid the expat bars where they hang out - they're always particularly arrogant and particularly obnoxious to local people when they have been drinking.

If this turn political,

If this turn political, Comments will be deleted by myself.

Please understand we are governed by rules here also
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@ Sp9ru: Ok, I maybe

@ Sp9ru: Ok, I maybe bad.

Laugh my *ss out! Are you talking about the S****** island?
I dont want this discussion to end up in a political debate, ok? So as a sign of respect to the country that puts food on my table, or provides me an education, I'll just shut up my mouth..zzzzzzp! Will you?

Same with the Tibet and Vietnam have the freedom to think, but you cant say everything here, man. HELLOOOO! We are in Chinaaaa...tweet! tweet! just a reminder!!

P E A C E ! =)

What??? I love this comment


I love this comment by Rimshot, "China have NEVER exploit other small countries for their selfish gain"

hmmmm, maybe do some research next time!

Currently (right now) China is argueing over a small island in the Philippines, yes a different country, which it is simply trying to claim because of the huge oil reserve underneath it! The island is clearly in the Philippines or nearer Malaysia than China... just one example of chinese exploitation.

Its not that it is polite

Its not that it is polite and respectful for chinese to say "yes" its the way the social stucture has been developed
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If you ask a 'Westerner' if

If you ask a 'Westerner' if they like something, don't be surprised if it's a negative answer, this is honesty, and respectfully so. If you ask a Chinese if they like something, don't be surprised if they give the answer they're 'supposed' to give / the answer that the questioner wants to hear, this is polite, and respectfully so.

Foreigners live in China

Foreigners live in China when they hate it because there are four things that make the
hassles almost worth the trouble:

1. Slim women
2. Cheap prices
3. Warm weather
4. Many jobs

Rimshot, I wouldn't say China never exploits other nations.
What about the Chinese invasions of Vietnam and Tibet?

This thread has become a

This thread has become a healthy discussion. Im very grateful to everyone who participate.

Anyway, I hope that people who expect too much from this country -hence, get disappoitment- should at least consider the fact how the Chinese people struggled to achieve what they have now. Learn the history of China (particularly Shenzhen city) even for at least 30 years ago, then hopefully you'll come to appreciate how amazing things are happening here. Most especially the fact that China as such a big country, have NEVER exploit other small countries for their selfish gain. That fact is one of the reason I have great respect in this country, a great respect that is uncomparable to respect I give to other nations.

im agree with ya.not all the

im agree with ya.not all the foreigners are the same.i can see there have a lots foreigners they love china.and thats good to know.and yeah , china its changing so quick.we all know that.but a lots foreigners they are here for not reasons execpt picking up girls.yeah ,we have a lots girls here which are pretty sluty,but that doesnt meant all the girls are the same .im sure its the same as other countires too.we all have bad girls and good girls.however .all i have to say its IM AGREE WITH YA .and its good to know that u understand about china.have nice day .

Not as much and so Blatanely

Not as much and so Blatanely obvious....

If it had as much poverty then the west would be called a third world country!

Rimshot, 'THE WEST' (which

Rimshot, 'THE WEST' (which includes everywhere that is not China?) is far from perfect.

Actually, that last time I went home I was surprised at how many homeless people there actually were. Let me go on, the drugs situation is also much worse back home compared with China. Furthermore, many western cities, like the city I'm from, are a lot more dangerous than Chinese cities. I would much rather get lost in Shanghai or Shenzhen than in Detroit or even downtown Vancouver.

And of course there is prostitution, although not as much as I've seen here (with the exception of a few places like Amsterdam).

There are lots of interesting comparisons we can and should make.... But to make these comparisons, we need to be able to look critically at ourselves. So don't be so defensive. I love a lot of things about China, or I wouldn't be here.

@ Jie2fu1 Sounds like

@ Jie2fu1
Sounds like prostitution and poverty dont exist in the west, huh?!?

Thanks leekstep. Good post,

Thanks leekstep. Good post, well said.

Hi Emily, I can understand

Hi Emily,

I can understand what you are saying. However you have to understand a few things.

1) Not all foreigners are the same. We can't just lump together Americans, Australians, Indians, Germans, English ect. I'm a Canadian, and I like to think we have our own unique culture and way of seeing the world. Please don't call all of us simply 'foreigners'. It like people in the west saying 'Asians', but not thinking about the differences between Japanese, Korean, and Chinese cultures.

2) It's very hard to adapt to a different culture. I just got back from the UK where I lived for 2 years. Guess what? I complained there too! Everything is so expensive and the stores close early. Compared to China things there are very very inconvenient! Also, you might be interested to know that my Chinese friends in the UK also complained a lot! In fact, they complained more! The Chinese students I met in the UK always complained about the food and the prices -- just like us other 'foreigners'.

3) Not all of us complain. Most the other 'foreigners' I've met understand that China is changing quickly, so we just try to be positive. In fact, many of the foreigners I know are very positive about China, especially those of us who can speak Chinese and understand some things about China. Longer-term expats are different from the guys you meet in the bar who have been here for 2 months.

I've lived in China/Taiwan for 5 years, but I still find things here that surprise, shock, and sometimes frustrate me. China has a lot to offer. It's exciting and vibrant, but clearly there are things to be concerned about. I see lots of problems everyday (poverty, prostitution, ect.). Many Chinese people seem blind to this and this makes me feel depressed. I guess this is a big challenge for everybody who travels.

In Western culture it is OK

In Western culture it is OK to criticize and complain about little things that bother you. Commenting on these things should not be seen as an insult.

China's lack of development and abject poverty is nothing to be ashamed of.

My great-grandmother had no air-conditioning, couldnt drive a car, never rode an escalator, etc. The only reason more Westerners behave the same way is because our countries developed faster.

In Western countries even the "poor" people HAVE cable TV, refrigerator, an oven, and most "poor" people can read and write.

In China many of these things are luxuries.

I DO NOT think foreigners are INSULTING China's lack of economic development, we're just commenting on it.

China's lack of economic development does NOT make foreigners better (or worse) than Chinese.

We're just not used to living with so many people who are moving to town from poor poor villages.

I am sure that in the future, Chinese businessmen will visit Africa and wonder how the people in Africa are so illiterate, uneducated, bad at driving, afraid of catching a cold from the air conditioner on a hot day, etc...

In the future Chinese people will laugh when sopmeone takes too long pause before stepping on an escalator, they will get angry when the guy in front of them spends 15 minutes trying to get money from an ATM, etc...

Hello Emily, I understand

Hello Emily,

I understand what your trying to say Emily and I agree to a certain capacity. Negativity is used sometimes to express the displeasure of one's own inadequacy or dislike for certain situations. Many foreigners complain about China and the way of life in China. And to be honest, I've done so myself. Although those who are constantly negative does not help a situation, sometimes they do generally express a valid point. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, maybe without them expressing their displeasure, no one would even say a thing about a particular situation or condition here in China.

Constructive criticism is necessary for any society to evolve. That is part of my reasoning for that particular scenario. Don't get me wrong, people who whine consistently because of their own non sensibility should take a one-way ticket home :)

By the way, maybe your friends are just too negative :p (joking don't take it personally). If it indeed the case, maybe meet new people that believe the cup is half-full if it bothers you that much.

Power-Squatters definitely got to go. There also not eco-friendly :)

Best Regards,

John CM Lee

ok i have to say i never

ok i have to say i never been out of china , or Asia .
cuz im not interestin to go somewhere i dont feel like it or i will say a lots bad things about it . i wanna to go somewhere i have been dream about it for years ,and yes , might be dissapoint when i were there , but i wont say or complaint it at least i can see something and somewhere i been dream about it for years .thats enough.
and u r here to learning the different culture ,If u wanna learn the different between two countries , why u keep complaint? here is China ,we still learning the new things everyday ,yeah , somethings about china arent that good yet .but it WILL BE .
so STOP COMPLAINT about china . If u only knows how to complaint things , u will never see the real China and the good things about China .

Emily Hsu

The reasons could be as

The reasons could be as follows:

1)Maybe because those foreigners came from countries that many chinese people admire soooo much that these natives would die to go to, so these foreigners feel too damn proud about themselves and their country.

2)They can not accept the fact to themselves that they can not make money in their own country, or can not afford good education that they have to go find somewhere else. This feeling of inferiority within themselves is projected towards the outside world, thus, saying how they hate this country.. Its the so-called "sour graping" haha!

3) They're simply narrow-minded people who lack social intelligence. These type of foreigners generalise people based on skin color, cultural, and economic background. They have so much prejudice and worse, they're just too ignorant and dont know when to shut their filthy mouth.

It's fine to criticise if your motive is for the improvement of something or someone. But saying something negative just to insult people...Its plain stupidity!

Well to answer your

Well to answer your questions, as being an expat myself.

Have you visited countries outside of China? Outside of Asia? Then you will realise what we are talking & complaining about.

I'd say nearly all the foreigners are here out of business. I'm here for the experience and learning the different culture, but of course through business. I would NEVER choose to live here permenantly. Can't even go to a cash machine without it running out, grrr!

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