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Who want to be new friends of a decent and interesting man?


Who want to be new friends of a decent and interesting man?

In the previous years I've been very busy with my small business (working so hard everyday) and seldom made any new friends, though I have some old friends in this city. It was a small pity and disappointing thing to me. Since early this year, our business has been much slower and less than any previous years. It seems that God spreads some time to me to relax more and meet more people for funs and sharing pleasure in life.

As an honest and decent man, I am humorous, healthy and enthusiastic. My personal interests include reading, outdoors sports, travelling, photographing and meeting new interesting and decent people. 

Any nice persons who like to share and are looking for a new friend - a really good and interesting person, for online chat or a small tour in Shenzhen or nearby cities, or hanging out at nights occasionally, just drop me a reply or leave a message below.


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Hello, I am chinese living in

Hello, I am chinese living in SZ. I think is not so difficult to find more new friends whom you feel trully nice and kind. As you know, everybody of us in the world hope to know more people and culture including you and me. For me, is ok if you want to go out and take coffee or have a nice day together just send messenge to [email protected]


Hi i am new in shenzhen for

Hi i am new in shenzhen for business i will stay here for longtime, i from paris (france) i dont know enought this city, i seek only friend dont worry ! i have my girl friend in paris, she will come in few month here. so i realy want to make friend here.
i hope we will be it ^^
thx !

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