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Where do all the young executive/Uni/Expats go in Shenzhen (Luohu/Futian) - Booze Wise!

I been here for nearly 2 years but i seem to have trouble finding a place to hangout or party in Shenzhen that matches me. Most of the places i been too are packed with middle aged china men and we don't really have much in common. Although not too young myself, i definitely would like to hangout with a younger or more executive crowd or other fellow expats. Where are the places to go to? Where do the local Uni people go to? Where do the young executives party? Also, is there a nice place with a nice liveband?

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I don't mind getting a beer

I don't mind getting a beer with you sometime, I have no western interaction aside from perhaps an hour or so a week at week if me and a few friend's schedules coincide - and as much as I like Chinese people I need a little variation so I'd like to know the answer to this question too.  I'll admit I've not tried looking that hard but the impression I get is that the Western places are (somewhat ironically) going to cost more then I want to spend.

HI, its very nice to know we


its very nice to know

we have a big QQ group there are many diffrent country friends

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by the way

we will have a party in seaworld shekou  tommorrow night 10PM 2th october

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hi, maybe you can try our

hi, maybe you can try our wine and cheese party. it normally happens once a month. usually there are around 40- 50 people, and most of them are expats. you can enjoy good food and free flow of wine in a good venue in town, and meanwhile, get know and make friends with other people.

our next event would be on Oct 15. you can check out more details through the link below:

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