where is the best bar or night club in shenzhen?

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Hi, i just moved here from beijing.

does anyone know where is the best bar or club in shenzhen?.

I been to one in cocopark ,and zhong xin. people sitting outside are more like restaurant .

where is the real bar or nightclub like mix, vics , xiu, atmosphere bar(yun ku) in beijing..

have really good music, really good enviroment,  can drink and dance..  high class bars.

please tell me


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For me it's pretty obvious.

For me it's pretty obvious. Luohu is the best place if you like clubs (Le Nest & Richbaby) and Futian is better if you prefer pubs (Cocopark idd and Citic Plaza). Many foreigners prefer Shekou's Seaworld, but for some reason that's not my favourite place

Hey im a bit surprised u only

Hey im a bit surprised u only saw people sitting outside..
If u'v been to Cocopark then try hitting Club Viva.. I'm a regular thr so I know it's definitely a party atmosphere.. Also u might want to try Lily Marleen there..
In louhu, Babyface is quite alright, but on a smaller scale..
And in Shekou, try going to the Terrace..
Thats all I can think of for now.. The rest like Inclub or Soho I wouldn't really recommend..

u may want to try Le Nest or

u may want to try Le Nest or SoHo
for Le Nest, don't go to the one next to the soho bar, go to the one 20m away.
soho bar got more English speaking ppl, but is mor for drinking.
clubbing in sz is pretty lame, so don't expect too much.
happy clubbing!

Hi, I go to SUNGLOW.... its

Hi, I go to SUNGLOW.... its cool...

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