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Where are these gay clubs/bars in Shenzhen I keep hearing so much about?

I've been living in SZ for a month now, and everyone keeps saying there are lots of gay bars. But everytime I try to find out just where the hell they actually are, no one seems to have the faintest clue!


If anyone could please direct me to the right place? I'm beginning to think it might be all talk. Thanks.

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I've heard of Ice Cream Club

I've heard of Ice Cream Club if clubbing is your thing.  Are there any other spots? 

eww.. I have the same

eww.. I have the same question. I grew up here in SZ, but I've never been to any gay bars here.. just came back from CA for my summer break. wanna have some fun.. message me if you are interested in talking Alexis

we do have a lot of

we do have a lot of luo hu ,nashan  aswell.

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