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want to learn DJ mixing

Hi Guys,


This is Kevin from shenzhen

Does anyone know where you can learn to DJ in Shenzhen 

Any help is much appreciated!


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Best way to learn is hands

Best way to learn is hands on. These schools around town will teach you the basics, but it wont be cheap. In fact your money would be better spent if you just bought the equipment and learned at home. This way you develop your own style of DJ'ing, whatever works best for you. There are plenty of online tutorials which you can learn from for free. Also, it really depends on what style of music and format you want to DJ - Laptop and controller? CD's? Vinyl? All of the above require a hefty investment, but if you buy good brands (Pioneer) the resale will be pretty good should you decide to give it up. Whatever the format you choose, you'll need a mixer.. and what do you know, I actually have a new professional Pioneer DJ mixer for sale if you're interested... PM me and I'll give you more details ;)

Hey Vic, I am learning dj

Hey Vic, I am learning dj mixing as well. I go to modern corner to learn how to mix, the owner is DJ Lone, one of the partners at Ture color 25th floor. But i dont think he's in town that much anymore that he's opened another club in an'hui.

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