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Promoting my CD in China

How can a guy in the states get a agent or company to promote his new CD and get it into the market...a mix of American country and rock...any help is welcomed...Thank you...Dan...hoopy507 on youtube

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we can't open youtube in

we can't open youtube in china. you can post your songs on most famouse vedio website in china .  .


got a qq? 250687553

got a qq? 250687553

Well I have the CD done..I

Well I have the CD done..I just need help promoting it in China...and would love to get in the Midi fest...thanks for the suggestion..Peace!

check out

check out maybe some of the guys from there maybe able to point you in the right direction. from speaking to a couple of guys who have released c.ds most of the rocording is done in H.K so maybe have a look online there

About the Author
About the Author:

World traveler and avid musician with new CD out on hill hoopes...or youtube/hoopy507

Company: Musician
Home Country: United States
Job Title: Singer
Location: Outside of China
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