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place to meet local english-speaking girls in Futian

Hi Guys, I'm new in Shenzhen.Since I'll stay in Futian for long: is there any place I can meet local girls possibly english-speaking?I've been some months in hk and there seemed much easier, everybody spoke english... 
After 2 days in here I got a bit disappointed.

What do you Expatriates guys think about?

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good luck to us...

good luck to us...

yeh i need a cute chines girl

yeh i need a cute chines girl to hangout with!!! im new in shenzhen...

any cutie out there???

hi , if you want to meet

hi , if you want to meet local girls , it is so easy , there are many bars you can go in Futian District like Coco park bar street.
but for english-speaking girls, yes, it is a little hard since girls in english speaking mostly need to work very hard and late ,so seldom running out of work place.
i think if you want to know them , firstly you need to make some friends of english-speaking during work and let them introduce more to you.
Actually in shenzhen, there is not less such english speeaking girls.
good luck to you .

Hey Michele,Good Question!I'm

Hey Michele,
Good Question!
I'm thinking of getting an apartment down in Futian way to party for the weekends as i live out near Dong Guan for work where there is no party apart from KTV.
Whats it like living in Futian compared to honkers?? any good??  

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