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People to party with in Shenzhen - Futain

Hey guys,


Im in Shenzhen this week for business during the day but looking to party on the night. I've had a look in Lily Marleen over at Coca Park and its a great club, but would be even better with people to party with.


Anyone free and up for having drinks and good fun? Guys or girls welcome


Got a profile picture on here. I would put a link to my facebook but....the great firewall of china



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Hi Martyn, I am michelle ,a

Hi Martyn,

I am michelle ,a chinese girl,I am intersted in the party and some my friends also want to go to Lily Marleen this week.when is your party?

hi,welcome to

hi,welcome to shenzhen.usually we go to party on weekend.......

Hi Martyn, welcome to

Hi Martyn, welcome to Shenzhen. There are a lot of parties going on in town on paddy's day this weekend. Check it:

Check out the club scene in Shenzhen on Friday night as well:

hey  welcome to join party


welcome to join party rockers team,  , my friends and i  , often at Le nest club, good music there, at coco park, this weekend we're going to party

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