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A partner from English speaking countries

Hi all,


I am Chinese American. First time to Shenzhen, would like to find someone to see the city and eat together.

Prefer someone from English speaking countries.

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Dear Lisa M: I have been out

Dear Lisa M:

I have been out and about traveling a bit and just returned, and not sure you are still in Shenzhen, but I am American and grew up in New York's Chinatown. In fact, I worked their in a garment factory during the summer school breaks. By now, you must be an expert in Shenzhen matters, but if you have any questions or want to grab a beer, send me a message at: [email protected]

Take care and godspeed.





About the Author
By: Lisa M.
About the Author:

New to SZ. Chinese origin, US citizen. Love sightseeing and food, traveling and food, work out and food, etc.
Would like to meet nice friendly people to hang out together sometimes.

Location: Luohu District
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