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New to SZ - Luohu nightlife?

I've just moved to SZ and am looking for some good bars or clubs in Luohu (I live in Longgang). Do they exist?




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Hey, there’re various bars

Hey, there’re various bars for night life in luoh, such as Richybaby, True Colour Club and soho etc..

Here are some bars’ links and I hope it could help.

Richybaby(face cafe)

Ture Colour Club (Dongmen)

Soho Bar

iClass Club

Le Nest Club

Of course, there are other interesting bars in Luohu and you also can use Shenzhen Party website search function to find more. I hope you can enjoy your nightlife in Shenzhen.

Mr. Karlsen, I too am new in

Mr. Karlsen,

I too am new in Shenzhen. It been around 3 weeks or so that I've come to Shenzhen or say China itself.
 Well, about your query, there is one bar in Longgang itself. Its in Huawei base.

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