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new friends

HI there,


I am a 34yo European dude who has just moved to Shenzhen for work.  I would be glad to meet new friends for language exchange,  for clubbing , for playing sports ( I love tennis and ping-pong).


Kind Regards


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wellcome~ may we have a talk


may we have a talk online. my email is :[email protected]

I am garment merchandiser. i am rabbit. oh forgot to self introduction, my name is donna, a well-behaved girl.

hi Alessandro    welcome to

hi Alessandro

   welcome to shenzhen. it's nice to have you here . hope you have a great "vie" in shenzhen.


Best Regards


nice to meet u what part do u

nice to meet u

what part do u live in shenzhen?

Welcome to Shenzhen

Welcome to Shenzhen Alessandro. Please check events on or join groups of your interests to make friends

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