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Meeting other Americans

Hey everyone! I am moving to Shenzhen from Chicago in the next week and would like some advice on the best ways to meet other Americans. I believe I will be living in either Futian or Shekou area.

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Anyone who posted on here

Anyone who posted on here that wants to grab a drink, I'm an American from New York in a similar situation.  Been here one week now and don't know anyone.  Shoot me a message.  Would be great to grab a beer.


hey, john from jersey here.

hey, john from jersey here. i've been in shenzhen 3 months or so, around as long as you. it IS pretty goddamn hard finding other americans around here. let's have a drink sometime.

The last time i was in the

The last time i was in the Irish bar/pub across the street from coco park i saw a lot of americans/Europeans in the bar.  Even though the bartenders english is quite awful, the beer served is always good.  Perhaps going to the bar you might find some friends? Maybe i should start a blog or plan an event so more americans can get together.  I am not going to lie, i really miss speaking English.  The problem is that i am a ABC.. i look asian but i speak better English then i do Chinese (also i speak almost like a native here) so its always awkward when i speak to people... they usually always have a surprised look on their face when i speak English.  

Hi Rob, I just arrived from

Hi Rob,

I just arrived from California yesterday and getting settled in. When I figure out where I am going to stay, I will email you for a beer.


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