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Looking to make friends

Hi all

My name is Jennifer, 36 yo woman from Los Angeles CA.  

I'm over here in Shenzhen (Futian District) with my boyfriend who is working for a Tech company.  Orginally this was only supposed to be a month or two, but i't turning out to be possibly 6mo to a yr.  Knowing he was going to be traveling alot I left my company and decided to go on the road with him. I'm finding that life can be pretty lonely with no one to communicate with or do things with on a regular basis.  I have been trying to learn Chinese using Rosetta Stone but wow. its hard! ... Anyhow i'm just looking to hopefully strike up a convo and maybe find other americans to hang out with from time to time. Maybe tour the city or take trips to HK for shopping or taking in a Movie at the AMC theater that is over there. 

Feel free to email me if interested in chatting.

Jen ([email protected])

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hi, I am in shenzhen, Chinese

hi, I am in shenzhen, Chinese man, a freelancer or say jobless-er. it would be nice to have acquaintance.

dear Jennifer, nice to meet

dear Jennifer, nice to meet u!

our group is finding new blood now. its a international QQ group, people come from all over the world, but all in shenzhen now.

if u r interested in, pls add in. the group number is 108910789, if u dont have QQ, can contact this msn first: [email protected]


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