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Foreign DJ from England (5 years experience) - Looking for DJ gigs start immediately!‏




Ive been playing now for five years, been in Shenzhen since December & played at Club 1949, Nanshan & as of last night LAX Club too.

Looking for weekly DJ residency whilst Im here on any gig for that matter, preferably 'House & Techno Muzik'. I have many videos from both these events. How would be best to contact you?!? Leigh (aka DJ LT).

Please check out my DJ website



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Hi Leigh. I do some research,

Hi Leigh. I do some research, some job website has english version.

Or you might ask some Chinese friends' help to post your resume on Chinese website, such as

Hope those information helps you!  :p


Hi Elaine, Thanks for the

Hi Elaine,

Thanks for the response.

I have done exactly as you have mentioned on both this website & 'shenzhen stuff' hopefully something comes up! 

Are there any other sites I can try? ;)


Hi, DJ LT. Hope you find job

Hi, DJ LT. Hope you find job as soon as possible~

You might check the job information in this "Answer" and  "Jobs opening" section.

Besides, you could also upload resume to "Jobs ".do as follows:

Jobs -> New Ads -> Job search -> Candidate Resumes.

Wish you luck!

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