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Craving Canadian Cuisine - Anyone has a good lead on good eats? =D

I've only been away from home for just over half-a-year but I am craving some Canadian Food (Steak, Ribs, Poutine, Beaver-Tails, Maple Syrup Cocktails or Desserts, and Waffles!)

Does anyone know any place in Shenzhen where I can satisfy my cravings? I'd love for you to join as well and I can indulge you in answering any questions and more importantly disproving many unfortunate stereotypes of my lovely country.

Looking forward to the replies! :) (Stomach grumbles) 

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Hi Jay I think you might have

Hi Jay I think you might have to go to different restaurants and bakeries to find the food you're craving for. I don't think there's a Canadian restaurant in the city.

You can also use our search function to find restaurants or shops:

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