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New York Pizza Delivery (NYPD) opening up at Central Walk

Just got a text message that New York Pizza Delivery (NYPD) will be opening up their second store at the Central Walk towards the end of January. This is really good quality pizza and it is good to see it expanding past it's location near the futian free trade zone. If you pay for delivery, they have a large delivery zone already from their one shop and prices are cheaper than Papa John's.

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Good stuff! Do yourself a

Good stuff! Do yourself a favor and try the calzones!!!

come on by tomorrow night

come on by tomorrow night after 5pm or come to our first store which is 10 minutes away. we're having a grand opening on march 11 tuesday. see event calendar . pizza and wine night.

i think you found the new

i think you found the new addition to the NYPD family, which is not open yet.
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I decided to look for NYPD

I decided to look for NYPD Pizza since they said they'd be open by January's end. Well, I found it. Their signage is up but they aren't open yet. They are right around the corner from KFC. Really small place, don't see how they can make pizzas in there:)Maybe they'll knock down a wall or two:D

Oh, I'm sorry. I don't know

Oh, I'm sorry. I don't know if that came off as me saying it definately is not New York style. I'm from Jersey myself. Been missing some good pizza. :) Anyway, let me say, I have not ever had NYPD Pizza and it very well might be just as good or close to a regular NY slice:) I plan to give them a try when they open up in Central Walk and give my review of them soon after. ;D

NYPD Pizza is very good, and

NYPD Pizza is very good, and the two boss are great blokes!
I also dont mind Shakey's in Citic Plaza Metro.
But each to their own.
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I hope theirs is better than

I hope theirs is better than Pappa's . I had a PJ recently, a supreme. It had a fish sauce added to the tomato paste base and I did not like it as I don't eat fish.
Then for the first time in 3 years in China I tried the Pizza Hut pizza and the lamb chops special they are running.
The lamb was local and tough as your boot. Give it a miss. The pizza was ok except it had NO tomato paste on the base???
Metro has 9 inch frozen pizza bases for under 30 rmb a dozen. I will try that soon, and make my own.
I hope they are not full of sugar!
Good eating, Trev.

I'm New Yorker, born and

I'm New Yorker, born and raised. It's standard New York independent pizzeria slice in every detail. They got it right. All they are missing is a guy in a dirty t-shirt and a gold chain tossing the dough. Great stuff.

Good pizza maybe, but the

Good pizza maybe, but the name sort of implies it is NY style, which from what I read, it is more like Papa John's right? Thanks for the info though. :)The popping up of new western eateries is good news to know. For example, Trattoria de Angelos second store opening near Coco Park is under construction and opening hopefully in 2 months or so.

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