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New in sz

Hi, i will live in sz next may... can you give few informations (shopping, dinning, pubs... everything).
Thanks for your answer

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Hi, welcome to Shenzhen!!

Hi, welcome to Shenzhen!! though it will be months later.
If you would like to know more friends, I suggest you to go to New Expereince Toastmast Club and Imagination Club. There are many youny and high quality people, and I am sure they will let you know all you want, and even more!!!

Contact me at [email protected] if you feel like to know those people.

Wish you a Merry Christmas!!


Christina Cao

Well, you have come to the


you have come to the right place for information, this IS

For Pubs Check out the pub tab at the top of the website, same for dinning and shopping.

All information on this site is accurate and whole.

Hope you have fun in the sun in shenzhen when you arrive

[Wowzers Batman]

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