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New Subway restaurant near KingGlory Plaza

Hi, I haven't been there yet but two friends have told me a new very very small Subway has opened up:) If this is true and you live out there I hope you will support it. The better it does the better the chance it will spread to other locations closer to where you live. Let me know if anyone is interested and we can go together and christen the place;)

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Hi all, There is another

Hi all,

There is another subway open in Nan Shan, by the techonology Park, the address is Gao Xin Nan 11 Road, Bin Fu Century Complex. (Opposite of Bank of China).
There is delivery number too: 8616 2255...

Yes it's true it is located

Yes it's true it is located in the Rainbow building, just across from King Glory. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They also have a deal where if you spend RMB500 in a month you get a VIP card. Now Subway is a great occasional meal but I can't see myself spending that in a month.

Hi, Its a good news for us

Its a good news for us if this is true....
As subway sandwiches are the best by far anywhere across...
And i being a subway freak , usually get it from the Central walk store, But now that its come to king glory, it gives me another option.....
hope they have more Veggie Subs on the menu....

Will surely love to try this new outlet...

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