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New Salsa Bar

There's a new salsa bar in Shenzhen: Sugar Bar in Coco Park. They'll be having a salsa party this Friday, June 13. Starting 9:30pm.

这周五有一个新的Salsa Party在Coco Park的苏格酒吧。(6月13日) 九点半开始。
福田区福华三路星河Coco Park L3楼 (地铁购物公园站, C出口)

Sugar Bar
Coco Park Level 3 (Gouwugongyuan Subway Station, Exit C)

Phone: (0755) 8290 3234

Take the escalator to the top floor (level 3), go outside, and the bar will be on your right-hand side.
坐电梯到三楼, 出门, 苏格酒吧在你右手边。

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