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Need portable BBQ propane gas, American standard.

I have got a portable grill brought back from the US. But now I either cannot find an adapter that would utilize the gas I have at home or I cannot find a can of those portable gas which you can easily find in the states.

Where can I or most possibly find either?

Help! Thanks!

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I checked today, and the

I checked today, and the canisters are actually butane. they cost 15Yuan each. Dunno if that'll work for ya. You can also try just using a frying pan. heat the empty pan, I don't even use oil and put the piece of meat in for a few minutes each side then transfer to an oven if yu have one. I have one of those toaster ovens. Comes out great. :)

hello:) i am the previous

hello:) i am the previous helper, i will go in tomorrow and check for the propane;) i can almost taste the glorious grilled meat melting in my mouth.

I have a similar problem: I

I have a similar problem: I have an infrared grill that uses propane. I haven't been able to find bottles of propane in China, only methane ones. Unfortunately, my grill won't run on methane. Also, methane doesn't burn nearly as hot as propane. If you like to sear a steak (like they do at Mortons, Ruth Chris, etc.) and lock the juices of the meat in, you need to have a grill that cooks at 1000 degrees F or hotter. A methane grill might get to half that temp. The previous post mentions something about being able to buy propane canisters in Coco Park. Has anybody here tried these with a propane grill (i.e. a regulator that is set up to run with propane)? I suspect that these cans may actually be methane (CH4), not propane (C3H8). The person that helps me to find this will certainly get an invite to a BBQ at my house in Shekou - ha, ha - but no joking! There is nothing better than a good filet or NY strip cooked on a ceramic infrared grill :). Thanks.

I'm not sure if they will

I'm not sure if they will fit your grill, but they sell the propane at jusco in coco park. they are on an endcap near the dishes they have for sale. If u were facing the fruits from outside the store you would walk right until you'll see an aisle of different kinds of dishes. Around this area you'll see the canisters all lined up on the front of the aisle.

i bet there are some places

i bet there are some places that have this. about a year ago i visited a place, i believe in futian near coco park, that had outdoor grills of many shapes and sizes and sold all kinds of grill accessories. i will ask my friend where it is and get back to you. also, another option would be going to hong kong if u can. one last place i can think of would be the USA store in Shekou. You can find the address on this site in the shopping section i think.

Do you mean the small 1

Do you mean the small 1 pound canisters?

If so, there is an adapter to fill the small cans. Do you have an empty can?

Try B & Q... most of the

Try B & Q... most of the grills here dont use gas.. or you can check with gas tank companies.. good luck

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