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Marriage and resident visa?


I'm a thinking of marrying my Chinese GF and need to know what if any visa I can get?

One person who is married to a Chinese citizen only got 3 months with single entry???

I know work visa is out of the question as is permanent resident visa, but I need to know if I can at least get something till we can start our buisness?

I have both American and a EU passport so I can use ether.


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Quick question... If on the 1

Quick question...

If on the 1 year spouse residence permit, you can't work for a chinese company, or work full stop?

If you then found work do you have to switch to a new resident permit for that means returning to home country etc..etc.

Or can you retain the spouse residence permit and obtain your F.E.C blue book and be legal to work?


hi, can somebody give me some

hi, can somebody give me some info on how and what type of residency is needed for forign partners getting martry in china,,,,my fiance is going to china on bussiness visa nad iam going on a torist visit ,,,i am going proposely for the wedding while he is going to stay for a while,,,,,,,i need info asap plz thanks.


About last coment: Crazy

About last coment:

Crazy people .... Crazy ideas ....

I would like to say your a

I would like to say your a arrogant fool. If you are married to a Chinese Citizen it gives you every right to stay in China and be with your family. Check the Chinese Government website and the Family Reunification Act and is now encouraging couples to start their on business and do community work for the respected prov. I know people like you, no doubt working in China and jealous of those who are in China on other visas. That being said being married does not give you the right to work at a SCHOOL in China but you can run a business with your wife or husband and get long extensions easly when investing in China. I have a wife and son here and the Chinese Government has been wonderful to me. Ive had no problems even during the olympics. Not being married to a Chinese Citizen does not give you the right to be in China its not your Country so stop acting like it is. If you have a work Visa thats great but you are not special you are a worker if your married to a Chinese Citizen you will find that you are respected by both Police and Government for chosing a life with China and you will be treated much different then arrogant foreigners who believe that they are someone in China because they are nobody back in their respected Countries.

pls i read from ur article

pls i read from ur article and it make sense,thanks.
i want to ask if it get to five years how can one apply for 10years residence card.

will they give you without asking them,bc in the visa application sheet the 10year residence card in not there to apply for it there.
i get married now is two year and i dont want to make any mistake with the them.pls do reply me with my e-mail id pls:[email protected]

Well, I got married last

Well, I got married last month and we applied for an extension of visa at the concerned department at LuoHu, the officer was quite cooperative to give me six months' L visa with 2 entries, I was telling him that I am in the process of setting up a company and that it takes time to process.
Please go to the Visa Issuance Department, it is the Police Building on 'Jie Fang Road' in Luo Hu, they will provide you will all indications as to which documents you should bring.
1. Your passport and a copy of first page, also one of the visa entry one.
2. A registration form of Temporary Residence for Visit, issued at the local police station.
3. A numeric picture on standard form which you will get on the 3rd floor of same buiiding, plus pictures of which you will hand over 2 to the officer.

That's all I remember for now,......?

I got married to my wife in

I got married to my wife in Shanghai, I had to supply a document from my government that showed I was free to marry.

YOu have to register in your embassy in China and get married whereever your girlfriend comes from (so that'll be a trip to Chongqing for a lot of people in Shenzhen)

I have a work permit, so I do not know about spousal visas.

After 5 years of marriage you are eligible for a 10 year residence card.

I would advise if anyone is getting married just for a visa to be very careful; being married in China does not give you the right to work and you could get in trouble if you get caught; also all property etc becomes owned equally bewteen the husband and wife, not ideal if it is a marriage of convenience (please don't get me wrong, I am pointing out the pitfalls) and you split up.

Hope this helps.

The issue of marriage and

The issue of marriage and visa are totally separate. Marrying a Chinese national doesn't give you any special visa class or resident permit. You can marry a Chinese citizen of you'd like, of course. But that doesn't give you any right to stay in China. You still need to get a visa of some type to stay in China.

By the way, to marry a Chinese citizen, you have to prove you're single, by either showing a divorce decree if you were married before and/or an affidavit from your embassy stating that you are free to marry. You have to go to the home city of your fiancee, with these documents and a passport, and her hukou, or family register. Depending on the area she is from, you may need to get an official translation of your documents at a service the local authorities designate. Then, armed with all of this, you can go to the Marriage Bureau and register your marriage.

You may also want to check with your embassy on such issues as bringing your new wife back with you, and what you need to do to do that. And, if you have a child together, what the citizen status of that child is and how it is to be established.

Anyway, I hope that helps. But let me emphasize that just by marrying a Chinese citizen, it doesn't give you any special status to stay here.

Go to her hometown, register

Go to her hometown, register your marriage and get the certificates, then go to her hometown department of Exit/Entry (immigration), apply for visa extension there. try your best to be as nice as possible, those gys in those local government have power, can give you the visa if they want to. speaking from experience....

before the Olympics my

before the Olympics my friend who is also married to chinese got 3 months with single entry. Last month he got 6 months with Multiple entry.

go Hk and get the F

go Hk and get the F year.

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