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malaysian food

i miss malaysian food!! is anyone here know where can i find the malaysian restaurant in anywhere in shenzhen??

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The restaurant run by HK

The restaurant run by HK people and guess whether they knew the Malaysian or Singaporean cuisine. I have been there once and the Singapore laksa  taste like coconut juice and they dont understand sambal chili. They tried to give me all types of chili but not sambal chili and the owner was upset with me.
It is a pity how these people capitalise on these cuisine to make money but not providing at least 90% authentic food. Sigh....

love me some Malay Papa:) I

love me some Malay Papa:) I recently have been going to the one in the mall with the Sam's Club next to it on Qiao Xiang Lu. Their spare ribs are nice!

Wow didn't know there was so

Wow didn't know there was so many Malaysian food restaurant lying around shenzhen. I've only been to Pokok Kelapa in Coco Park. Nasi Lemak, Laksa is pretty authentic. Its a nice place and has been for the last 2 years.

I tried the chicken rice,

I tried the chicken rice, laksa & prawn you tiao at Lemon Grass and they're far from what's called authentic. I still prefer Malay Papa's chicken rice and laksa, although I never try the nasi lemak at MP.

i went to the xin mao branch

i went to the xin mao branch with friends and i tried the nasi lemak honestly speaking it disappointed me but the hainanese chicken rice seems quite popular so thinking to try it next time. By the way, i will try UNCLE YANG the new malaysian cafe 2morrow.

Good News!! A new malaysian

Good News!! A new malaysian cafe will be openeing soon UNCLe YANG at Luohu district Song Yuan Road, Hong Xian Garden. I just noticed this morning when i passed by and i met the owner he is from malaysia and so the chefs. He strongly recomended few dishes like Malay Curry, Curry Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Grilled Seafood, Honey Roasted Pork...etc And u know what he brings WHITE COFFEE from malaysia. That's my fav..i hardly wait to eat at UNCLE YANG.

p/s i like the renovation it's a good place to have breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner.

Malay Papa restaurant is

Malay Papa restaurant is available at Xin Mao (Next to Sam's club) and King Glory Plaza Basement.
Owner is singaporean. They sell laksa, char kway teow, etc.

thinking of going there

thinking of going there tomorrow. thanks!

good malay restaurant on the

good malay restaurant on the lower level of King Glory Plaza (guo mao metro station)

We have added two Malaysian

We have added two Malaysian restaurants to our database both in the CBD. Please take a look:

You can try "Lemon Grass" -

You can try "Lemon Grass" - Malay and Thai food. Chef is from Malaysia. In the food court area of the Golden Central Tower - Exit E of Exhibition Center Metro station. (Near to the McDonald's and Hasio fast food places).

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