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anyone here have been to LUNA BAR. i heard it was a new bar. i just want to know how is the crowd on that bar? the band? fud? and how to get there.





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Comments Things Things are up and running now, full food menu, tried the steak the other day and must say it was unbelievable!! snacs are good too.
Went to watch the premier league game,good looking waitresses too!

They also show a lot of

They also show a lot of sports like English PL and rugby. The staff is nice and the band is cool.

No website so far I think.

No website so far I think. They have an 'open day' coming up soonish when everything's in place. Things are picking up rapidly at the mo. Definately an up and coming bar in the area. Worth a look-see at least once.

hi buddha,thanks for the

hi buddha,

thanks for the reply. do u know if they have a website or ay pictures of the bar or the band who plays there. i just neet to see. many thanks 


Hi bonzo, its in shekou,

Hi bonzo, its in shekou, right next to the Fuzon hotel.

The band is great,they play variety from pop to mainly R&B music.

The vocals are unbelievable and good fun to look at to.Most people in there are around 30-40 i think.Had lots of fun there last time. And the interior design is really cool, so upclass.Anyway go and check it out yourself,hope you have fun!

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